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TOEFL listening lectures: What makes ‘The Canterbury Tales’ easier to understand?

#001 People attend college or university for many different reasons (for example, new experiences, career preparation, increased knowledge). Why do you think people attend college or university? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.
In my opinion, there are a lot of different causes why people go to university or college. But the most common of them are getting degree for future better carrer opportunities, looking up for something new and desiring to know more and more.
If people want to get good job a degree from college or university is the best way of doing it. A statistical researches show that employees with higher education almost always have higher salary and bonus. And as more educated are person as higher and more responsible position he or she can work at. Also studing at university gives students such needed and important for future work skills as ability to communicate with different people and to work hard and carefully.
So far as communication is the main part of our social live, chance to meet new people at university invite new students to attend there. You can meet variety of people different age and race, with different culture and tradition, from different continents and countries. And everyone from this people can show or talk you a greate amount of interesting things. You can find a lot of indeed friends during of you studing. For example, all my best friends are from my university. And even if I graduated a few years ago we maintain excelent relationships now.
Aslo some people want to study at university because they just want to know more and more about our world at all or about some particular its part. We can call it desire of knowledge. When person is well-educated and he or she can talk about anything in the world, this person become interesting for other. This person always find company and theme for conversation on parties. He or she always can help other people solve some problems. And at the end I want to say that education by itself brings person higher social states and respect.
Considering all things we can conclude that most of all people go to university or college because they want to have a good job in the future or to meet a lot of friends or to know a lot about our world.

#002 Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Parents are the best teachers. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.
In my opinion parents are the best and the most important teachers for their children. Parents teach them the basic things. Parents are models and environment for kids. Parents always want to do the best for their babies.
From the beginning of child’s life parents try to teach us. They show us how to talk. They help us to do the first step. They tell us beautiful stories and tales to explain us the best qualities of gentle person. Later, when we become some older, parents teach us behave in society and respect other people. And I can name a great variety of things which we take from other parents in our childhood. And all this thing are a basis that help survive and become successful in our adult life.
Children always watch on their parents and try to behave in the same way. They notice parents’ habits and imitate them in childhood or in adulthood. Parents are models for their kids. Also parents create environment which has a big influence on children’s characters and behavior. If there are a lot of rows in the family, child may grow up nervous or unsociable. If there are calm and peace in home, child will probably be sociable and quiet.
Parents always try to buy, to show, to do all the best for their children. They wish their kids have cloudless future and exert themselves to help children. No one teacher in the world don’t have such motivation to teach pupils as parents have.
So, I think that all that we achieved in our life we appreciate our parents. And every thing that they taught us was useful, are useful or will be useful for us. And considering all things I want to tell that we always have to love, respect and help our parents, because they didn’t spare themselves to make us better and give us better life.

#003 Nowadays, food has become easier to prepare. Has this change improved the way people live? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.
It is well known that food are the most important thing for us to live. It gives energy to our organism to grow, to think, to walk. The way which people get and prepare food has a huge influence on other part of their life. And they spent all their time on this. The were the main mission for humanity to find food to survive in the ancient time. Later people learnt hunting, fishing, rearing cattle and growing fruit and vegetable. But it still took a lot of time to get and prepare food. Now we have perfectly developed food industry and high techological cooking equipment. These things give easier way to prepare food. And it has big infuence on way people live now. We safe a lot of time on cooking. We have convenient and comfortable condition for preparing food. And we have a big choice of ingredients we want to eat.
First of all, now people don’t need to go hunting or gathering to get foot. We can just visit foodmarket and buy all things we want to eat. Our kitcher are full of different equipment that help us to cook. Kitchen mashines and mixers peel, slice and shake instead us. Stoves and microwav ovens know how long they have to cook food and notify us when food are ready. Fridge helps to store ready meals for a long time. So, we save a lot of time because of all of these. And we can use it for our children, parents or friends, our education, work or rest.
Secondly, due to developed food and transportation industries we can eat what we want and when we want. There are a huge choice of ingredients from all over the world and in any season of the year in our foodmarkets. So, we can try everything without some effort and decide which food is the best and the healthiest for us.
To sum up my essay I want to say that our life has become easier and comfortable since food become easier to prepare. We get more time for other things. We can choice healthy food. We can cook in convenient conditions.

#004 It has been said, “Not everything that is learned is contained in books.” Compare and contrast knowledge gained from experience with knowledge gained from books. In your opinion, which source is more important? Why?
I think that knowledge gained from books and knowledge gain from experience are very closely related to each other. There weren’t books without someone’s experience that author of book described in it. And there were a very poor experience for people if they had to learn and discover everything from the beginning without any hints from books.
Every book contains someone’s experience. It can be experience of single man or women, group of people, nations or even whole world. We can find knowledge of prior generations in books. Books give us base for our life and development. And every new generation takes more and more knowledge from books and it begins development from higher and higher base level. In such way humankind can discover, research and develop very quickly. And speed of this development is increasing from generation to generation. So books are very important sources of knowledge for people. But unfortunately books can’t describe, express and explain everything in the world. We can’t understand from the book what is love, friendship or beauty without our personal previous experience.
Knowledge gain from experience is personal knowledge and skills. And experience about the same thing can be different in different people. This gives humankind opportunity to understand and describe the same thing from the different points of view and chose the most useful and progressive once. But even genius can’t gain knowledge about all from their own experience and their knowledge will be very poor without books compared with knowledge of generations and nations.
To sum up everything I want to say that both books and experience are important for humankind. And even through experience is older source of knowledge than books, books are more important because them contain knowledge and experience of million or even billion people from all over the world.

#005 A company has announced that it wishes to build a large factory near your community. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this new influence on your community. Do you support or oppose the factory? Explain your position.
In my opinion, building of factory near community has both advantages and disadvantages for these local habitants. In my essay I want to describe them and explain my attitude to new factory in my living neighbourhood.
So, new factory will bring new workplaces for community. There will be needed a lot of people while factory will be built and a lot when it will start to work. So it can decide a problem of unemployment in nearest communities. The local budget will gain from new plant’s taxes and fees. So, local government can use this money to repair roads, communication and improve other life conditions for local peoples. Also plant management can decide to become a sponsor for local football or basketball team or to build some social building like concert hall or cinema to take more loyalty in people. And it will be a benefit for community too.
At the other hand, big production every time causes a big problem with environment. Plants and factories are in charge of environmental pollution. Everything is contaminated by factories very often included air, water, ground. Also manufactories produce a lot of noise. All this things can become a reason for many illnesses starting with insomnia and ending different respiration or skin diseases or even cancer. Factories can try to decrease this bad influence by installing purifiers or something like this. But it doesn’t help very often. And these illnesses can declare itself in current generation of people living near the manufacturing, in their children or even through a few generations.
As we see there are very useful advantages of building of new factory but also there are very harmful disadvantages. And in my opinion new factory can cause more problems than bring benefits for my community. And I think that all plants have to be built far from people houses in special manufacturing areas.

#006 If you could change one important thing about your hometown, what would you change? Use reasons and specific examples to support your answer.
My hometown is a beautiful place on the west of Ukraine. It is situated near Carpathian Mountains. The city has a exciting Old European architecture and can become the center of Carpathian tourism. But this is one thing that spoils this beauty. It is big market in the city center.
This market is a disaster for my hometown. There are crowds of people and cars around it. You should drive through bypass highway when you want ot get from one side of the city to another to avoid this traffic jams in the center. Also this market produces piles of litter which are not very attractive for the city center.
As the best world practice shows all big malls or shopping centers are outside the cities downtown. Such location is very convinient because it decreases traffic jams and don’t hinder people living in the downtown. So, if I could change one important thing about my hometown, I would move this market outside the town and build huge park with different entertainments on this site. I would make center of my hometown cleaner and more attractive for tourists. Habitants would be given more places to relax and to spend their free time with friends and families. Outside of the city market would have more space and it would be better projected that could help to avoid the problem of crowds would give buyers more sales outlets.
In my country cars are not such common like in the USA, for example. A lot of people don’t have their own car and use public transportation. So, I would better run a few free bus routes from different places of city to this outside market to solve a transportation problem for people. It would be cheaper than scavenge all litter from market in the city center.

#007 How do movies or television influence people’s behavior? Use reasons and specific examples to support your answer.
I want to start with positive side of influence. Movie theatres and TV sets are one of the best means to relax after hard work day or spend time with family or friends. Good comedy which you can seen in the movie or in front of TV gives you a lot of pleasure and energy. Also TV is one of the best sources of news. You can get to know a lot of news from all over the world just watching one news program. And this information are much better than from radio or newspaper because its combine audio and video together. Many people who want to learn some language quickly use TV programs or movies on this language to train their listening and understanding ability. It is very useful, especially if you have different TV channels and can choose program which are the most interest for you.
In spite of all this advantages of TV and movies they have a lot of disadvantages which induce people to bag things or cause different illnesses. There are a lot of violence and bad examples in movies and TV programs now. It makes some people to imitate bad boys from screens and do criminal things to get some money or just for fun. TV shows which are on the air every day provoke addiction in some people, especially in housewives. In turn, this fact provokes stoutness, shortsightedness and laziness. A lot of TV watching causes reduction of thinking ability because when you watch on the TV screen you don’t have nothing imagine you just see what authors of the movie or TV show think and imagine. TV news and advertisement can be used governments or other organization to manipulate opinion of nations or some group of people.
To summarize all above I want to say that in spite of all TV and movies are the great kind of art and they have to be developed and improved in the future. And all negative effects on human behavior can be regulated be different laws and prohibitions.

#008 Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Television has destroyed communication among friends and family. Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.
TV is one of the best discoveries in the last one hundred years. It helps to relax, to get information, to communicate, sometimes to learn language. Thanks to TV we can view news from all over the world just in few minutes. We can see football game from United Kingdom and then change channel and see Olympic Games from Chine just sitting on our loved sofa in our house. TV connects people from different countries. It helps to discover cultures, traditions and history of different countries without necessity to go there.
Some people think that television has destroyed communication among friends and family. I completely disagree with this opinion. At first, if somebody is sitting in front of TV set whole days and don’t talk to anyone, it isn’t influence of TV. It is a psychological problem in this man. And if he doesn’t have a TV he replaces it by something else, for example, gambling or drinking. And if somebody doesn’t want to meet some friends or relatives he can find a lot of reasons to avoid them and TV can be just one of them.
Secondly, on my opinion TV doesn’t destroy communication among friends and quite the contrary it helps to increase this communication. For example, when I lived with my parents we loved seeing movies or sport events together in the evening very much. Now I like to meet with friends at somebody’s home to watch football match and this gives us many pleasure and communication. We with my wife very often watch series or shows on TV and it helps us to relax ant doesn’t have any influence on our communication.
To conclude all about I want to say that TV doesn’t destroy communication among people but more over it helps to improve and diversify this communication. And different problems that people have aren’t caused by TV.

#009 Some people prefer to live in a small town. Others prefer to live in a big city. Which place would you prefer to live in? Use specific reasons and details to support your answer.
Different people have different point of view on which city type is better to live in. Both small towns and bid cities have many advantages. And it is very difficult to decide where to live.
When you live in small town you know almost every of habitants from the sheriff to the postman and this gives you feeling of comfort and safety. You have a good relation with your neighbor and you can leave your door opened when you go somewhere because you know that they watch your house. This is a better nature in small towns. The air and water are cleaner and very often you have a big site of land around of your house to plant flowers, have a barbecue and just relax outside. And small town is the good place to grown up the children.
On the other hand big city has its own advantages. First of all it gives you opportunity to choose proper work for you. Because there are a lot of vacant job positions in big city. Commonly the main offices of huge companies and corporations are concentrated in big cities. And a salary in big cities is higher than in small once. Another advantage that gives big city is a great variety of entertainment places. There are a lot of clubs, bars and restaurants to meet with friends and family and relax. You also have big choice of movies, theatres, concert halls and shops. And the last advantage that I want to mention is that new invention and discoveries appear in big cities quickest than in small towns.
So, we can see than both small and big cities have different important advantages. And in my opinion the best way to decide in which type of city to live is to combine them and buy or rent house in the suburb of big city. It gives you advantages of both.

#010 “When people succeed, it is because of hard work. Luck has nothing to do with success.” Do you agree or disagree with the quotation above? Use specific reasons and examples to explain your position.
Most people have some goals in different parts of their life. It can be goals in business, in sport, in entertainment. To be successful means to achieve your goals. And if person want to do this he or she should to work very hard. Sometimes luck help us but it happens very rarely and we shouldn’t rely on luck in our businesses.
To achieve goals people have do work very hard. They have to overcome one barrier after another and to go closer and closer to the goal. If somebody likes running and want to become a Olympic champion in running he can’t achieve this goal in one day by luck. He or she have run a lot every day and try to run a bit faster than a day before. The same situation is with student. You can pass all your exams by luck it can by one or two, but you should prepare properly to each of them to be completely graduated.
I can’t say that there isn’t any luck in success. Sometime luck helps to get success. For example, there are a lot of accidental inventories in human’s history. And we can say that they were done thanks to luck. Or student can pass some exam even he didn’t study anything before. But there are a small amount of such cases and they happen very rarely.
In sum, I agree that luck has nothing to do with success. To achieve success we should just work hard and don’t rely on luck because it can’t help us in every situation. And some time when luck leave us and we didn’t do anything before we can fail exam in college or lose important client on work. We should attitude to luck as to unexpected prize or excellent impact that gives us once more motivation to achieve highest goals and become more successful.

#011 Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Universities should give the same amount of money to their students’ sports activities as they give to their university libraries. Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.
Both sport and library are important parts of university’s life. Sport helps students, teachers and researchers to relax, to release mind from every day mental work. Physical exercises improve people’s health and work ability. Sport games teach people how they should work as a team. On the other hand libraries give students and university staff access to knowledge bases. They save money and time that people would spend on looking up information in other sources. Whereas importance of sport I think that universities should spend much more money on libraries than on sport. And there are a few main reasons that support my opinion.
First of all, people go to universities to become more intelligent and to get good job after graduation. So, they should learn at universities. And the main source of knowledge for students is libraries. To give students proper information support libraries should refresh their collection of book every time. It demands great amount of funds, because books are very expensive. Also, there are a lot of other sources of information which have to be in libraries. It is such things like audiobooks, e-books, online databases, Internet search and other. This sources demand from libraries to improve their technological base continuously which takes money too.
On the other hand sport should be a secondary thing in student’s life. It has to relax student, to give them ability to study better. It should just support educational process and introduce some variety to student’s life. Sport doesn’t have to take all students time. A major part of time students have to learn and only a few hours a day do sport exercises. Also sport isn’t attractive to all students but libraries are. So university can spend on sport the same amount of money, because there will be disproportion in financing. Students who go to libraries and gyms get gain from all financing and students who go to library only don’t get anything from sport financing.
Considering all above, education is main goal for students in university. It is preparation for future career. And higher marks in the university almost every time give highest salary and better job position. And sport is just support activity for education. And only few students can do career in sport. And not all student use sport facilities. So, in my opinion, university should give much better financial for libraries than for sport.

#012 Many people visit museums when they travel to new places. Why do you think people visit museums? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.
Museums are very important part of culture of any city or town. They contain knowledge about local history, art, culture, tradition, and famous people. For my opinion, it is very useful for tourists to visit museums when they travel to new places. Such visiting helps become familiar with local people behavior and tradition. It gives many interesting information about history of this new place. And it is very fun because everyone can find area of interest for them self.
It is very important to know about local tradition when you come to new place. Tourists should know how people on new place talk, which mimics and gestures they use, what their beliefs are. For example, cow is the sacred animal in India and nobody don’t have the right hit or offend this animal. Or other example, head waving from left to right in one places means “No” and waving from up to down means “Yes”, but in some other places these meaning are reversed, so up to down weaving means “No” and left to right waving means “Yes”. To be competent in such local features everybody should visit local museums in the strange places.
Also museums give lot information about history of town, city or region. Visitors can find most important local historical events and how these events influenced on people lives. There is information about art and literature works, inventions and discoveries and local artists and scientists who did all this things. You need this to feel spirit of local life and culture. Also museums show a lot about weather and nature. This information is very useful to because it helps to decide which clothes you should wear and for example, which harmful local animals you should avoid.
And at the end, museums are excellent places to spend time with fun and benefits. They are the same local sights like parks, monuments, statues, architecture buildings and other. Everybody can find something interest for him in museums, because museums exhibit things from different areas of human life. So, visiting museums is part of sightseeing and it is just fun.
So, on my opinion people visit museums when they travel to new places because they want become familiar with local culture, traditions. They want to know more about local history, nature and famous people. And they just go sightseeing to have a fun.

#013 Some people prefer to eat at food stands or restaurants. Other people prefer to prepare and eat food at home. Which do you prefer? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.
Both food at restaurants and home prepared food have some advantages and disadvantages. Food at restaurants doesn’t take for time cooking, but it can be more expensive and less healthy. On the other hand food prepared at home is cheaper, but it takes more time for shopping, cooking and cleaning. But in spite of time-consuming I prefer to prepare and eat food at home. As I mentioned above cooking at home is cheaper. People who prepare food at home have great choice of receipts from all over the world. And at home you can eat healthier and suitable for organism food.
First of all, when people go to the restaurants and food stands they pay not only for the ingredients which they it. They pay also for chef, his assistants, waiters and other personal work, using of furniture, dishes, forks and spoons, leasing of room or building, brand and profit of restaurant’s owner and other different things. All this extra charges sometimes increase cost of ready meal in restaurants in five-ten times compared with cost of ingredients used for it cooking. As for me it is very expensive and wasteful to eat in restaurants. I prefer to spend some of my free time and cook at home.
I like cooking very much. I like discover something new in cooking. I look up receipts through Internet, buy need ingredients and try to prepare different dishes. I want to cook dishes from all part of the world. Cooking helps me to relax like sport. And also modern kitchens have a lot of useful equipment which make process of food preparation very convenient and quick.
And the last thought in support of cooking at home, when you go to restaurants and especially to food stands you are not sure about quality of ingredients and cooking processes. Sometime this food can be unhealthy. There can be a lot of fat or it can be overfried. But when you cooking at home you can regulate amount of fat in the meal and prepare may be not better but healthier food.
So, at my opinion, cooking at home is better than eating outside. When people prepare food and eat at home they safe money. They can choose what they want to eat today. And they eat healthier and delisher food.

#014 Some people believe that university students should be required to attend classes. Others believe that going to classes should be optional for students. Which point of view do you agree with? Use specific reasons and details to explain your answer.
Some people say that students are adult people and they can decide by their own to attend classes or not. This people say that some students have children or work. So, they have to skip classes from time to time. But in my opinion all students should be required to attend classes. On classes students gain more knowledge. They improve their communication skills. And they become more disciplined.
Studying at home means that this is only one main information source and it is book. And when student have questions he should spend a lot of time in Internet to find answer on it. And sometimes it is impossible or very expensive. But when student visits classes he can discuss this question with lector or other students and take answer very quickly and conveniently. Also studying at class increases knowledge gain from books by lecturer’s additions and other student’s thoughts. Every student knows something that others don’t know. And they share their knowledge with other during discussion of some question.
Attending classes improves student communication and presentation skills. They should explain, present and defend their homework. And it is very useful way to learn how to talk and discuss. Also a lot of tasks at classes show students how to work in team. There are different projects which student should do with their colleagues. So they learn how separate project on task and how assign part of this tasks to each member of team.
And at the end, when student attend classes they become more disciplinary. They have to arrange their time properly to do homework and to be in class in time. They become more responsible. They can’t spend all night at the party and then sleep all day because they have to go to the class.
So, on my opinion, students should be required to attend classes. This gives them more knowledge, improves their communication skills and makes them more responsible.

#015 Neighbors are the people who live near us. In your opinion, what are the qualities of a good neighbor? Use specific details and examples in your answer.
Good neighbors are important condition of home comfort. Neighbors influence on quality of our living in the same way as our furniture, kitchen and bath equipment, patio, pool, garden. In my opinion, good neighbor should be communicable but in the same time they should be discreet. And you can always rely on them.
First of all you should communicate with your neighbors. You should know who they are. If you like company of your neighbors, if you have common topic to communicate you can spend your free time with neighbors. You can arrange different celebration for kids together. Good neighbors can give you good advice and help.
Also neighbors should be reliable. They should be law-abiding. And you can trust them. If you trust your neighbors you can ask them to guard your house when you go on holiday. Or you can ask them to carry about your pets or kids when you with your wife are on party.
And the last important quality of good neighbors is discreet. It means that they should mind their own business and shouldn’t meddle in your life if you don’t ask them about advice. They should be gentle enough to know when they can come to you your house and when they should go. And it goes without saying, good neighbors should be quiet, should always understand your needs. They shouldn’t spoil your and your family’s life.
To sum up all about, you should know your neighbors. You can call your neighbor “good” when you want spend your free time with them and when you can trust them in your business and family and when you don’t have any problem regarding to your neighbors.

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#016 It has recently been announced that a new restaurant may be built in your neighborhood. Do you support or oppose this plan? Why? Use specific reasons and details to support your answer.
I like cook and I very rarely go eat out especially in restaurants. So, on my opinion, restaurant in my community brings more problems than benefits. Usually restaurant makes a lot of noise. There can be some arguing or fight between drunk restaurant’s clients. And restaurant can make our community dirty and bad smelling.
First of all, I don’t like restaurant because of noise than it can produce. Workers begin preparation from early morning. So, there will be many cargo vehicles supplying products for future dishes. There will be a lot of people and cars around the restaurant. And they will drive to late night until restaurant will close. Also there can be a loud music in the restaurant. And then when last client drive home cleaning will start which also will be loud.
Secondly, I think that this restaurant can cause crime problem in our community. Sometimes restaurant’s clients get drunk and arguing or even fight between each other. It can have bad influence on our children. Because there will be used a bad word and fight or arguing will be a bad example for children.
And last thought it is dirty and smell that restaurant produces. Remains of food in garbage behind the restaurant will attract different harmful animals and incest, like mice, roaches or flies. And people will have to do a lot to keep their houses from this vermin. Also our community will smell by fried fat, spoiled fish or rotten vegetables. And any methods won’t help to get out of it.
So, I think that it is a bad idea to build restaurant in my community. I think that it will bring many problems than can change our life to worse. In my opinion, restaurants should be far from human’s houses on malls or business regions of cities.

#017 Some people think that they can learn better by themselves than with a teacher. Others think that it is always better to have a teacher. Which do you prefer? Use specific reasons to develop your essay.
Even if some people like learning by themselves I prefer studying with teacher. At times it can be expensive, but it is worst this money. With teacher you get more benefits. Main advantages of such type of studying are teacher’s experience, communication and amount of knowledge that you gain from it.
First of all good teacher has good experience. And he knows how to organize you. When you study by yourself you can do it unsystematically what can affect on quality of knowledge you gain. But teacher forces you to learn regularly. You meets with them from time to time and you have to work at home doing tasks. Also he knows better way to learn subject. He knows from where you should begin, what is important and what is waste of time and you can skip it.
When you study with teacher you gain more knowledge, because teacher adds his own ideas, thoughts and knowledge to information from book. Also he can value you progress and understand what part you should improve and what part is good enough. He can give you advice what you could read or study additionally.
And the last main benefit of teacher is communication. Teacher always explains you points that you don’t understand. You can quickly get answer on many questions and you don’t need to spend time on looking for this information in the Internet or at libraries. Also you can discuss you ideas with him and he can correct them if they are wrong. For example, when I had studied English by myself I had thought that I had pronounced all words properly, but when I began visiting English classes teacher corrected me and I understood that I was wrong.
To sum up, as for me, it is better to study with teacher. It gives you more knowledge and you can study subject quickly because of communication and teacher’s experience.

#018 What are some important qualities of a good supervisor (boss)? Use specific details and examples to explain why these qualities are important.
A huge part of people’s impressions about job and results that they get depend on superior who leads this people. At my opinion, good boss should be a strict and smart person. He should have an excellent manager’s skills. And he can be communicable.
To take a good result from subordinate boss should be strict people. He should give tasks and check their competitions. He should be able to punish some employee if some work isn’t done properly or isn’t in time. Also good supervisor should be held in respect in his subordinates. They should follow him not only because of motivation or punishment but also because of his charisma. And once more important thing that good supervisor should do it is protecting his people. He should fight for their salary and work condition. He should protect them against work from other division.
Another important quality of good boss is strong manager skills. He should plan work properly. He should understand ability of his employees and gives them job which they can do in given time borders. People shouldn’t sit at work overtime only because their chief planned work badly. He should prioritize tasks. He should try to organize work in advance. This means that he should finish every project a bit earlier to his real deadline and use free time preparing for next project. If he will manage work in such way there never won’t be hurries and overworking.
And at the end good boss should be communicable. It is very important if your boss can explain you task clearly and fully. You should have ability tell you problem to your boss and he should understand them and give you advice how to cope with them.
So, in my opinion supervisor is responsible for main part of job that his division does. And to manage work properly and to make his worker happy he should be a communicable charismatic leader with excellent manager skills.