TOEFL essay: your school has enough money to purchase either computer or books...

Your school has enough money to purchase either computer for students or books for the library. Which should your school choose to buy?

The use of computers has been very useful and important to students’ lives. Nowadays, The numbers of schools which have computers has strongly increased. Even though books are good to study, I believe that the computer is a better tool that provides students with good knowledge. Computers have Internet that has an expanded source of information. Computers also provide faster ways to acquire information. In addition, students who master the computer have more possibility to get job, because many companies have implemented the computer.

Internet has become one of the most important tools to get knowledge because it has a wide source of information. In the future, people will no longer collect information from book. They are already getting information by using the Internet, which is replacing books. The Internet gives all the information that people need with a great variety of topics, without the need of going out to the library and getting a lot of books. Therefore, the Internet with its enormous source of knowledge is an excellent tool that provides students with all the information that they need.

Besides the complex and expanded source of information, the Internet is such a fast way of browsing and acquiring information. For example, a person who needs to do a research about some specific subject will have to loose time finding that book. In addition, this person might have taken the wrong book, which would be a tremendous loss of time. If he had used the Internet, he would have got the information he need and would have completed his research faster. Thus, by using the Internet, students are able to complete their papers and researches faster than by using books as a source of knowledge.

Mastering the computer and Internet may be very important for the student’s life. Today, many jobs require the use of the computers, and if the students have been taught in how to use the computer and the Internet, it will definitely help them to get these jobs. From time to time, companies have been upgrading and changing their computers and Internet systems in order to get faster systems and faster communication. Therefore, students who go out of school knowing how to manage a computer and the Internet will be able to get good jobs and have a better career.

To conclude, Schools, which afford computers with Internet, help the student to intensify their knowledge, to find information they need in a faster method, and to prepare them to their future. Thus, if a school has enough money, it should be spend on good computers with a decent Internet.

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