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TOPIC : We all work in our jobs with many different kinds of people.In your opinion,what are some important characteristics of a co-worker? Use reasons and specefic examples to explain why these characteristics are important.

The primary reason why all parents want to give their children good education is to secure a good future for their children.Very often a good future necessarily requires a good job.It is for this job and career that all young children strive right from their time of birth to aquire maximum knowledge that they can.We eventually get the fruit for the strenous hard work we have put in for many years by getting placed in a lucrative and satisfactory job.

At our work places, not very often will we be a solitary employee as the success of an industry or firm largely depends on team work and collective responsibility.Moreover man is a social animal and requires
effective communication with others to look after his needs.During working hours we spend long hours with co-workers,team mates,superiors , assistants and clients.

For a satisfactory and successful working experience it is absolutely essential for us to have good rapport with all our co-workers.Each individual is obvioulsy unique and will have different expectations from their co-workers.I am no differnt.There are certain basic and important characteristics that i will expect my co-worker to possess.

Firstly,I require my co-workers to be very honest and loyal to each other.I strongly believe there is no room for dishonesty and suspiciousness in a working atmosphere.Only then can we be efficient and effective.The reason why I think honesty is a prime requsite is because of my past experineces of working with various teams during my schooling.I always found it easier and enjoyable to approach and finish the task with a group of honest and faithfull team mates.

Secondly,I would like my co-workers to be dedicated.Only when one is dedicated and committed to his work ,he will be successfull in his task.Even a single non committed member in a team can jeopardise the success of an entire unit.

Thirdly,I would prefer that all the members of the team have a healthy spirit of competetion.We are living in a time where competition has reached the peak.Good competetion will enable us to analyze ourselves from time to time and redirect ourselves to the right path.

Lastly,I will expect my co-workers to be good critics.Only with good natured criticism will we be able to identify our own mistakes and rectify them.This is a very important character that all of us must possess.

These are the highlighting qualities and characteristics that I expect from my co-workers.

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