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To change is to risk something, making us feel insecure. Not to change is a bigger risk, though we seldom feel that way. There is no change. People, however, cannot be motivated to change from the outside. All of our motivation come from within. What motivates people to change ? Plan and write an essay in which you develop your point of view on this issue. Support your position with reasoning and examples taken from your reading, studies, experience, or observation.


Often people don’t want to have any changes in their stable life. But I think that is a very boring life and sometimes, we’ll feel shocked before sudden change in our familiar environment. T ochange is to risk something but not to change is a bigger risk. We usually think that we change when our living envrionment change. For example, nin ancient times, people changed their living environments when they felt that their old places was not suitable for them. But in my opinion, the changes come from inside of us, not what we must do. Humans are high evoled animals ande we not only change ourselves when we feel something wrong but also toimprove our living, our education, our minds. Chaning is the way people show their control to their life. In the past, people just knew how to go into the forests to find food for their family. But day by day, they felt that it was not the only way for them to ive, their life was not stable, they needed something to open their knowledge, their relationships with other people outside their tribes, so they exchanged cultures and what they had to each other. So what motivates that change ? I think that it is their recognition to life. People never satisfy with what they have, they always want more and more. It results to the conflicts. Humans want to have better life but their living environment doesn’t satisfy them, so changes form.

I think that life never changes if we can’t change ourselves. Tommy for example is my neighbor. He used to be very lazy, he always wondered why he couldn’t have anything he liked. So one day, he decided to refresh himself, he wake up early in the mornings, did exercise, did his homework, went to university’s classes more often, and guess the result ? He was the best student in his university that semester. And until now, he still work hard and has what he wants. If he hadn’t decided to make changes, he wouldn’t have been in good situations. He did rightly. It’s just a simple example but we can see it’s very popular stories around us. Sometimes, we wonder why we can’t be as good as somebody else or why they always do better than us. Changing brings us adventures and opportunities we can have a better view of our living environment.

Ultimately, I think that changings is motivated not by our surrounding envrionment but our recognition about life and the conflict between what we have and what we want. Everybody changes themselves and the world changes.

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