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Think of the most important class you ever taken. Why did you enjoy class so much? Use specific reasons and details to explain your answer

The most important class which I can recall now was the lecture on Plant Tissue culture, delivered by a visiting faculty from Biotechnology department of a college.

My basics were very weak before this lecture about the topic; I felt like to omit it for the exam. Lecturer begin the lecture with the basics, he asked few definitions of plant and animal cell just to test the understanding level of students. He made the class interesting and enjoyable. Then did slide presentation for thirty minutes along with the explanation and made concepts more crystal clear. Students were made comfortable to share their knowledge, queries were answered, their doubts were cleared, and if someone answered wrong he was very supportive and encouraging. I was impressed with the slide show, otherwise we have to visualize everything, practical is more important than theory. Then we were given a break of few minutes. Lecturer also gave his personal email, cell number and some of his precious notes on the subject and promised to answer any question at the earliest.

He was considered a very knowledgeable, famous learned person in biotechnology. He did a lot of research work on the project, referred to lot of books from different related areas on biology, microbiology, biotechnology and genetics and from internet. His writing was legible to understand and voice audible to hear for the pupil sitting at the back of the big assembly hall. Along with the past trends to perform tissue culture he also showed present modern techniques of doing. He explained about its advantages disadvantages, future trends which are to be explored. Moreover he provided information beyond syllabus printed by the university. Lecturer demonstrated confidence in his speech.

After lecture I went through the notes I felt more energetic and confident to answer any question on this topic. I begin liking this biotechnology as a subject.

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