TOEFL Essay: The qualities of a good boss

How are you?


What are some important qualities of a good supervisor (boss)? Use specific details and examples to explain why these qualities are important.


There are many excellent workers but, unfortunately, there are few good supervisors. A boss is the person who could control the entire work process and since it’s a very hard job he must have some important abilities like professionalism, honesty and confident.

I suppose that every supervisor have to have strong knowledge in his business’ specialization. If you manage the engineering department it’s necessary to know all about your production. You aren’t able to now the all nicety but you must now the situation on the whole. Also if the boss is a good specialist his staff will respect him more because no one likes dilettante.

Every person must be honest and it’s also appropriate for a superior. If you promised to an employee that he would take rise after the project’s implementation you must do it. In any case a remaining establishment would not believe you and their productivity could decrease because of stimulus lack. But if the boss is honest, people will entrust him and they will do all possible things to make a good job.

The last quality which I would describe is the chief’s confident. This is the universal idea which contains not only self-confident but also confident in the business’ future and confident in the workers. You could be a perfect specialist but if you haven’t self-confident you will never be the boss. As well the good superior has to maintain command spirit among the staff, he must be the engine of the business and he must inspire the employees by personal example. If the worker confidents in the future of the company, he also confidents in his future and such assurance helps him to work harder.

Chief is the unique person; he is the candle which appoints the way to his staff in the business cave. And his flame must be bright and strong because he is the standard for the others.


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