TOEFL essay: The nation-state is an outmoded institution

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

The nation-state is an outmoded institution and should be replaced with a world government.

Use reasons and specific examples to support your opinion.

Your Answer:
Icompletely agree with the concept of a world government in the present scenario of complete chaos in almost all arenas of life.Such a system would not only help to organise and uplift the working standards but also ensure harmony and congeniality amongst all nations.

In a nation-state set up the prime concern is towards the upliftment of a limited section irrespective of the effects it has on other sectors.Many a times such a set up encourages unhealthy competition where people do not hesitate to go to any extent in order to safe guard their interests.Also,the countries are labelled as developed and developing as per their economic status which gives rise to many complicated situations.For example,a developing country often becomes the dumping ground for the so-called developed country’s unwanted produce. Even if the goods are substandard,the developing nation cannot afford to refuse them for it in turn is dependant on the developed nation for its various other requirements.This vicious cycle goes on and the underdeveloped country is unable to revive itself.Despite its rich cultural heritage and resources india still is fighting to get listed as a nation with strong economy because of some of the above stated reasons.Most of the Indian educated class ventures abroad in search of high pay scales which their nation’s cannot offer them for the lack of funds.Had there been a world government this problem would have been easily resolved by an equitable distribution of funds with each getting his required due.
Another aspect is of security of the livinbeings.with a world wide increase in terrorism it would be mush effective and easy to fight this evil if all the forces unite and work for it.Scattered power and resourses hamper the efficient working and implementation of ideas.
Today when there is insecurity ,imbalance and threat to the very existence of human race it would be a prudent step to have a global administration.I fully support this view as it will definitely go a long way in making this earth a much better place to live in.

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