TOEFL essay: The most appealling change

When it comes to the most influential thing may change my hometown,some people insist on increasing the development of economy,while other might consider that improving the education level is the best idea.As far as I concern,recovering our environment can change our town the most significantly.With the advance of science and technology,the environment in my hometown is getting worse and worse.I think it is urgent to improve our environment

The direct benefit we can draw from it is the increase of our living standard.This in turn can benfit our health.Imagine a dirty,smelly and noisy community.The sky is covered by smoke.The cars are roaring down the road.With an terrible living condition like this,how can we build up a strong body and maintain an happy mood.Even you are a millionaire,I don’t think you can live a happy life.So it is impossible for us to have a happy life if we do not have our environment improved because we cannot trade a harmony surrounding for anything.

From the angle of economy in our town,improving our environment is the most beneficial change too because tourism is always the prime income of our town.However,the development of industry in our town is at the cost of environment,the surrounding condition is getting down,because these chemical factories release air pollution and waste water.These years I can rarely hear birds singing in the morning,and I have not seen fish chasing each other in the river for years.If we ignore the decreasing of our environment and let it continue this way.I am afraid we may lose our tourists finally.

Another essential reason is that a nice surrounding is a promise to more investment.Nowadays more and more businessmen aware the importance of environment,with the increase of awareness of the importance of the environment.So they prefer to choose a clean and quiet place to build their company.Therefore their employees will have a comfortable living quality and focus on their job completely.Because ccording to a recent statistics on the Internet,more than 80 percent employees value the living surrounding more than their salary.

From the discussions above,we can easily draw the conclusion.Only by improving our environment can we achieve the best.We should take measures to guide the direction of the developmet and prevent all kinds of improper use of technology.So I want to say,better environment better life.

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