TOEFL essay: Television has destroyed communication among friends and family...

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Topic 008: Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Television has destroyed communication among friends and family.

Obviously, TV has many good kinds. Watching it every day is hobby of people. They can gather information, knowledge and can rest. In my opinion, TV is only electric equipment; it has no bad impact on communication among friends and family.

People spend almost their free time on watching TV for entertainment. After working day, they often come back home to have cozy dinner and watch TV with their family in evening. Therefore, it takes an estimated 4 hours on watching TV everyday.

It is impossible to communicate by TV. TV performs vision and sound. It cannot get in touch people and others. People love watching TV because they can relax and find something around to get. It is not caused by being in touch. Therefore, people love both watching TV and going out with their friends.

People often watch TV at home with their family, so TV is not a reason of destroying communication among family’s members. In contrast with, TV helps to bring members of family to be closer. They sit and watch TV together. It is the good time for communicating and sharing both sadness and happiness. For example, because of my busy daily works, I dream about having that cozy time with my family and I love it.

In short, TV has not destroyed communication among friends and family. It is useful equipment.

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