TOEFL essay: Spend time with 1/2 friend or many friends?

Some people prefer to be together with several friends, while others are prone to hang out with quantities of friends. Both of them have their own merits. Spending time with a number of friends, you are able to have more topics to chat, do some interesting group games and it may be more fun. By spending time with them, you lean towards to broaden your horizon, enrich your knowledge, and refine your taste. However, I would still choose to go out with one or two friends, for it would let me make several true friends and it would be freer and more relax.

Friends are easy to make but difficult to maintain. It is easy to make several new friends when I hang out with a couple of people, but the friendship is tangible and stop easily if I just go out with them once. Meanwhile, there would be more chances for me to chat with the friend when I just hang out with him or her only. I can know my friends, her hobby, personality, ambition or life goal, and these kinds of topics individuals will not talk about in front of many people. Therefore, we are prone to build deeper relationship, which will be easy to maintain and develop in the future. And for me, true friends are much more important than those who just have fun, but can not share my happiness or sadness.

Negotiation is always needed when I have time with many friends. Sometimes I even have to do things that I do not want to. Like once, I went out with a couple of friends, some of whom wanted to have fun in the bar. I am definitely not that kind of party girl, and I wanted to refuse them. But my friends insisted to go there, so I finally gived up. And that was really an awful memory. However, when I go out with one or two friends who have same hobbies as me, we can go to places that all of us want, shop in the malls that both of us like, do sports that we all good at, watch movies that interest both of us. It is more relax and freer compared with going out with many friends.

To sum up, it is true that I can have more friends by spending time with numbers of people, while true friends who have same interests as me and who can share my feelings is what I really appreciate and need.

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You have some grammatical problems, in my book.
It’s my invincible belief that one needs to learn the usage of the words appropriately to write a good essay.
A good essay by the way.
Let me know if you have any suggestions.

Jack…I’m really really confusing now…

1)Some people prefer to be together(it doesn’t have that mean you had?you have used together as an adverb not adjective=like= to spend more time together) with several friends,
so,what should I use then?

  1. I would still choose to go out with one or two friends, for it would let me make several true friends and it would be freer(?) and more relax.
    So what’s the world for " someone can choose what they want and it’s easier to reach an agreement"??

3)Friends are easy to make but difficult to maintain.
Should I use keep, not maintain??

4)We are prone (?usage of prone)to build deeper relationship.
Is that mean “we lean towards to build deeper relationgship”???

5)And for me, true-blue friends are much more important than those who just want to have fun, but can not share my(?they can not share your happiness?) happiness or sadness.
I mean those friends who just want to have fun.
How can I correct it???

6)Negotiation??(=official discussions)
Which world can replace that, but more colloquial??

7)I went out with a couple of friends, some of whom??(It’s the object form of who)
Do you mean I should change it to who??

8)It is more relax and freer(?) compared with? going out with many friends.
Is “compared with” grammatical wrongly?
What about change to comparing with??

Moreover, where’s your book??

Thank you so much for revicing!!!
Looking forward to your apply!!

Let me I’ll explain…

in my book= is said when you are giving your opinion=in my opinion=from my vantage point=from my viewpoint…however they have some subtle differences when you wanna apply them as elements to assemble a sentence or…


I listed so many questions above…so expecting to your answer…not apply…haha!!
"in my book"is interesting!!hahaha!!

I myself use some phrases in my essays I definitely know there are correct. It’s not that difficult to bear in mind and memorize some of them.

Thanks a lot!
Would you please correct my sentence directcy next time? I would really appreciate that!
Cause, if you just point it out, I still don’t know what it is right…
anyway, thantk you soooo much!!

OK, Best of luck.