TOEFL Essay: Some people believe that university students should be required...

Topic 14: Some people believe that university students should be required to attend classes. Others believe that going to classes should be optional for students. Which point of view do you agree with?

There are many way of gathering knowledge, attending classes, studying on internet, studying by traveling. It is not important the way of studying is, how much you get knowledge is more important. Therefore, going to classes should be optional for student.

Nowadays, self-studying is encouraged. Student is more independent when they self-studying. They are capable to retrieve their own information; they must be able to find evaluate and communicate information independently. In addition, self-studying is a skill; studying other subjects need the skill.

Technology is increasingly upgraded. Student do not need attend every class, they can have curriculum. On-campus is going to university and getting curriculum directly, off-campus is a home-studying, student stay at home and learn on internet and campus-internet. Studying time depend on student.

For almost student, time is gold, because they not only study but also have part-time job. It provides extra money for them monthly to afford their schooling and life. They face some difficult to organize the working time and studying time. Sometimes, because of their appointment, they have to miss their class. Consequently, class should be optional for them.

Because of these arguments, student should have right to chose the studying way: on-campus or off-campus. Result of studying and student’s ability to afford their job in future are more important than period of studying.

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