TOEFL-essay: Some movies are serious, designed to make the audience think. Other

Some movies are serious, designed to make the audience think. Other movies are designed primarily to amuse and entertain. Which type of movies do you prefer? Use specific reasons and examples to support your choice.

Nowadays, movies are widelyspread in our customs. There are different kinds of movies. In my opinion they are some kind of source of information. However, I prefer to watch serious movies, becouse of the following reasons. While I watch them, I would increase my knowledge, I would develop my skills in many areas, and last, but not least, these movies are more interesting that the others.

First of all, I agree that all serous movies make the audience to think. I believe, that these movies can encourage the population to learn more and there is no doubt that, while we are watching them our knowledge is getting better. I will give you a good example from my personal experience. Two of my favourite TV programs are “National Geographic” and “Discovery changel”. This winter I am tring to improve my English knowledge. So these two chanels are in English, but there are subtitles in my native language. So, since I have watching these programs, I fell that my English knowledge is getting better and better.

Second, I fell that while I am watching serious movies my skills are getting improvement too. As an example, now I know how to irrigate the land, how to fertilize the plants and how to drive a truck. Although, I don’t have enough practice skills to do this, but perhaps I can fulfil all these things. Moreover, everybody knows what would be the effect of the global warming. However,as an example “National Geographic” focuses on this problem in details. It presents many view points about the issue and how to prevent this serious problem. So, I fell that now, I am aware of the councequences. This is another reason why I believe that, all serious movies and TV shows are significat sources of information.

Last, but not least, From my point of view, serous movies are more intresting than the others. So, whlie we are watching , as an example a comedy. We spend around two or three hours in watchnig, it depens how long the movies is. But, as a result we recieve only a laughter. When the movie finished We undestand that we lost a lot of time and We don’t get any advantage of it. Therefore, In my opinion a serous movies are better than the other movies.

Overall, I prefer to watch serous movies, because of these reasons above. A person every day is getting progress, so if we are watching only serous movies we will accelerate this process.

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Good afternoon Mladenqnev, as with Cinar, you share the same problems. You are improving, but your sentence structure is still poor.You must now concentrate on reading more.

Kitos. 6.5/10

Thank you. What do you mean when you say reading. It is the “Reading” section in the TOEFL or I should spend a lot of time in reading a different texts?

You should read anything in English that you can obtain, and read aloud too … this will improve your speaking fluency.

Thank you I will try it. :slight_smile: