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Should governments raise or lower taxes on gasoline? Why or why not? Use Specific examples to answer this question.

Many people would oppose the idea of raising gasoline taxes as taxes are already too high and many poor people cannot afford them. However, upon careful consideration, increasing taxes can have many positive effects on our lives.

First of all, increasing gas taxes will reduce fuel consumption. In fact, statistics have shown that a ten percent increase in gasoline prices would decrease gas consumption by four percent, or roughly thirty-seven gallons per household per year. Also, since fuel is a non-renewable resource that will take millions of years to form, it is very important to save it for future use. By increasing taxes on gasoline, people will drive less and choose to take buses, ride bikes, or walk, in order to save their money.

When people begin to take buses, ride bicycles, or walk, their health can be improved. A Canadian Health Magazine has shown that people who walk or ride bikes for fifteen minutes per day can reduce their chances of getting heart attack and high blood pressure, relieve stress, and can sleep better. Moreover, these ways of transportation reduce pollution. Do you know that cars contribute twenty percent of pollution? Do you that those gases from vehicles cause acid rain and global warming that leads to a huge environmental damage? When taxes are raised, our world will become a cleaner place to live in. In addition, as more and more people begin to ride bikes and take transits, business of bicycle shops and bus company will start to boom.

Furthermore, raising taxes provides funding for governments. If governments know how to use the money properly, they can use them to invest companies that develop fuel-efficient cars and solar power cars, thus increasing the production of them and making them more affordable to everyone. Governments can also use this money to build more side roads for bikers and walkers.

In conclusion, raising taxes on gasoline is beneficial to human as well as the environment in the long term. I truly hope that government would increase the taxes soon so that our health can be improved.

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