TOEFL essay samples: Welcoming innovation

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“It is easy to welcome innovation and accept new ideas. What most people find difficult , however, is accepting the way these new ideas are put into practise.”

Many people encourage the birth of a new idea. New ideas that are well- nourished , with creativity, hard work , determination and perseverance develops itself to make a mark and change the world. Just like teacher or parent, encourages a child, to think different and be innovative. Similarly, from a software developer to a scientist, everyone is encouraged by his or her peers, company or the nation itself to think different by providing solutions to make living easier. Evidently, ideas are most often encouraged. Ideas are not born. They are created. However, once successful in being created, most often these ideas are tough to implement in the real world.

Creativity and innovation are most often encouraged. However, it is difficult to replace certain traditional methods. To illustrate, consider the introduction of the computers in banks. Though the bank saw the big picture of wider connectivity and faster execution of the data, the staff felt job insecurity. Typists and stenographers feared they might lose their jobs. Perhaps one of the reasons for this may be – the staff did not have a very clear idea about the functionality of the computers. The unions also opposed the introduction of the new machines. Thus, when a new idea is introduced to help the real world problems, it should show the big picture to every individual who is using it or will be affected by it.

Moreover, certain group of people may not be well aware of the new technology and how, in fact , they make life easier. To illustrate, consider the introduction of the computers in the healthcare system. For example, hospitals , introduced various software’s to help having a quick patient chart and reducing errors that might have other wise been caused if the patient had allergy. The nurses in these hospitals, however, find it very hard to get used to the computers and accepting the need for them in the hospitals. Thus, innovative solutions need to well exposed and the customers for the new ideas, in this case the nurse, need to be well trained in the product that they might be using.

In conclusion, drifts from the traditional systems , especially when the drift is drastic, takes time. It is not easy to change the mid sets of people overnight. Well introduction, good publicizing and marketing , positive talks and feels towards the applications and ideas help people accepting the solution . In addition, good training helps it easier for the solution to be put in practice.

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