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There are many reasons for people to work. Money is one of these factors, which make people to go out for a job. But maybe it is not the only or not the main reason that people enjoy working all day. As far as I am concerned, respect and learning are the two primary reasons that make people to work. Let me explain my opinion as follows.

First of all, working can help people win respects from others. No one would like a healthy person who depends on family or society to support for a lifetime. Otherwise, he or she is like a parasite in our life. In society, every one need to work for the family, for the community and for the country. For example, a housewife need take care of the house and the kids, and as a housewife, mother, she gains respects from husband and kids; an employee, after fulfilling his or her job, he or she receives compliments from the boss; an army man defends his country, and he deserves the rewards from the nation; In this sense, working helps people recognize their values and win respects as a human being in society.

Secondly, the other main reason for people to work is that we can learn and develop ourselves through working. Workshop is a very important place to make friends for us, especially in fast pace life nowadays. In working, we
can learn from one another. We can communicate the information, which we get individually, we can ask for advice from our colleagues and we can share the experience with our workmates. In this way, we could learn faster than we learn alone due to our limited energy. What is more, working helps us more independence and confidence. Compared to staying at home alone, working makes us have more friends and more skills. So when we face difficulties, we have more ability and courage, we feel stronger to conquer them. Besides, in a certain
extent, working can be viewed as one kind of exercises in our life. Since Keeping working prevents us from being lazy.

Here, some one may argue that homeless persons don’t need to work, but also no body insults them or hates them. For these helpless people, I think, there maybe something happen to them, like losing family and mental disease. They need our help to resume lives. Nevertheless, after getting a normal life, they would like to get jobs to support themselves for any reason they concern.

In conclusion, there are a lot of reasons for people to work. Different person has different motivation for work. But for the persons who are like me, respect and learning are the two primary reasons to work.

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