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Which is your favorite Type of music.

There’s no doubt that everyone of us has his own favorite type of music.
There are lots of music types such as:
Pop , Rock and roll , Jazz , Classic , Rap and Hip hop.
Some people prefer to listen to Pop music while others love the Jazz kind of music and thats depends on people’s opinion.
How ever, music types can identify the person’s personality
For example, when a person is listening to classic music you can know that he’s a romantic person with a very quiet personality .
on the other hand, when a person is listening to Jazz or Hip hop music you can know that he is a bold person with a strong personality.
For me, I love to listen to pop music and sometimes to classical music for lots of reasons:
First, I think it’s so romantic and it explains lots of things about love, care and passion.
Then, classic music is so quiet and won’t get you a headache like other kinds of music.
Moreover, I believe that the main reason for music is to feel the lyrics and the melodies at the same time and even to feel the singer’s point , but in noisy music it’s hard to feel all of these things because you can’t hear the singer’s voice when the music is so high and bad.
In other word, we shouldn’t forget that people’s opinions are diffrent and if I hate something other person may love it and like to listen to it.
In conclusion, and for all those reasons I prefer to listen to the quiet kind of music that can make you feel the lyrics and the melodies at the same time.

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