TOEFL essay sample: Will the mouse eat books?

Hello again. This is my second essey!

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Will the mouse eat books?

When I was a child I was lived in my village. One day I found my favorite book on small pieces. I was crying. Then my grandmother said me: The mouse eat your book. But I will buy you a new one…
Now I am a woman. Every day I am going to work. I have not time to read books.Everything in my job and in my homework I am doing with my computer.
Millions people every day work with computers. Nowadays Internet is importaint part of our life. Now we have a different type “mouse” - computer mouse. She is more beautiful from the mouse from my childhood.And now I like it.
Maybe a computer mouse will “eat” the book,but not at all. The computer mouse can not give me a chance to to touch the history of my country. I can not get a real emotions from opening something written before many years.
For me books will be interesting in all my life.

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