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I have paid more attention to Articles in English: ‘the’ vs. ‘a/an’ this time. Please review and rate the following TOEFL essay. Plus, I will attend the PBT toefl at August, therefore I type my essay from my writing paper.

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1. People attend college or university for many different reaso(for example, new experience, career preparation, increased knowledge). Why do you think people attend college or university?

when it comes to the question that why people go to college, some reasons and examples flash into my mind instantly. Among the various reasons are the following prevaling ones: preparation for the future, increased knowlege and new exprience.

Some people go to college just for self establsihment and higher salary after graduation. It seems to be of substances. However, society is full of fierce competions. nowdays We have to horn our skills and employ our knowlege to make a living and even live a comfortable life. Therefore, we have to work hard and use every opportunity to practise. The other side of the coin is the opposite trend. Some guys play in the college just for the diploma and the certificate. In their minds , the graduation certifcate brings them the golden key which could naturelly elevate them and offer them wealth in the future. What a pity thought when they find themselevs wrong .Without the actual capability and the self value ,they can not get established everywhere.

Second , some people attend the college for aborbing the knowledge and finding the happieness in the ocean of information. Many of them would like realise their dream and anknowledge their value when they solve one difficult problem which maybe limits the development of society.

Some of them are becoming the next fumous sicentists.The good equipment and the acadimic environment set the excellent stage for them to display their talents and genius .

Lastly but not the least, people could learn more besides the knowlege from the books . Living in the college means that you have come to the small society in advance.You will meet various people from many fields and come across successes and setbacks. Communication with your classmates will rich your experiences and force you deal with various situations freely.

As far as I am concerned ,I have to master the skills and employ my merits in the fierce competition. On the other hand , the knowledge itself interest me too. The more I could learn, the more happiness I could enjoy. If you do not know anything about the internet , how you can expand your horizon and grasp the update news at other places in the world .

From the discussion above , we can see that three reasons are displayed . All in all, to value the time and utilize the equipment at college is supposed to be preferred .Then you will find your dream realized and enjoy the knowledge you own after you graduate from college.

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