TOEFL essay sample: What Is Your Favorite Type Of Books

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What Is Your Favorite Type Of Books?

Books are divided into two main types :
First, the fiction type such as novels and stories.
Second, the non-fiction type such as historical books and self books.
People are quite different when it comes to the type of books they read.
Personally, I prefer to read the first type of books which is novels and stories because it’s more interesting and exciting .
Then, by reading novels you can learn more about people’s lives and their points of view.
I believe that the long stories can make you look at the world in a brand new eyes and discover lots of new and wonderful things around you.
Novels can always explain the way the writer think about things and descripe them and it’s so easy to agree with him about many things because he knows how to make us do.
I think that novel’s writers have a very strong opinion and personality and they have the whole freedom to talk about anything and this is so good because people love to read strong books .
All in all, and for all those reasons that I have mentioned above I prefer to read novels or stories rather than reading self books.

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Remember that when you start a sentence with ‘so’, you usually follow this with ‘that’ as in: It was so easy to read that I understood everything.


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