TOEFL essay sample: Watching television is bad for children

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[color=green]Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Watching television is bad for children. Use specific details and examples to support your answer

Some people might say that it is negative effect on children to watch TV. By contrast, I totally disagree with the statement that watching TV is bad for children. There are several reasons for this. There is a way to learn great education by watching TV. Other way is to make more conversation with family.

First of all, children can learn a lot of thing by watching TV rather then learning negative things. There are much great programs in TV show, such as science and international. When I was kid, I had always watched science TV show, especially space. It was easiest to learn what I want by watching TV. Moreover, my friend’s kid always watch international program, which show different countries’ kid to speak one word in their own languages. As a result he can say “good morning” with seven different languages. Watching TV enable to learn a lot of thins. In other hand, there are many TV shows which are negative effect on children to watch TV. However, parents are able to manipulate of TV show by modern technology. Consequently, kids are unable to watch the TV shows that are bed effect on them

Secondly, TV program provides us much topic to talk with family. For example, when I was kid, before we ate dinner, I always watched TV. Then, we could talk about what I had watched before dinner. Everyone in my house talked one topic. Sometimes we talked about animal. Other day we talked not only nature, and also my parents wedding through watching TV. As a result, watching TV gave us many topics in our family.

For these reasons, I totally disagree that watching TV is bad effect on children because of more educational and giving new topics

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