Toefl essay sample: The college years are the best tim

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The college years are the best time in a person’s life

Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

As I already graduate a university 10 years ago from now, I strongly agree with this idea that the campus life is the best time in our life. I have three reasons why you should have experience if you meet a chance in your life.

First, when you take a university, you are in young age in which the most vigorous time in your life. You have a powerful energy and enthusiaistic for everything in that age.
Even you also can take the variety of different kind of experience at the other places, the university will give you more special chances.

Then, at the university, you can make strong social relationship. In my case, most of my friends who still keep in touch with me have been connected with me since my university time. I met some of them at social activities, some of them in domitory. This early social relationship will help you when you need to make it at work area.

Moreover, the college is the place for studying in the special needs. If you are select a your major area, you can learn the more detail information for your future job. At campus, your another name is a student. You can accomplish many things at the class before you graduate. This learning opportunity never been in your life again. There are a lot of valueable lesson for your future.

As times go by, many high shcool graduate more want to go university with their own reasons. Even some of people at work hope to enter the university. I only mentioned just three reasons of many features. Anyway I want to tell you you should take the university once in your life.

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A lot of this is not really clear


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There is no enough time to revise it and I just submit it after 30 minutes… That’s the reason why my essay have many spell mistakes and grammar mistakes.

Would you mind if i ask you to correct my terrible essay again? Or Would it be better to you to sumit the essay after take all examinations by myself?

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