TOEFL essay sample: The best things in life do not cost money

Attachment of the human being as deviated from the fellow human being to the lifeless money. Even the relations are valued on the basis of money. With the inflation on one side, people beleive that best things in the world are costlier. As a, normal human being of this period, best things are nothing but a big house, costliest car, etc., that is ,the inanimate objects. The truth is that the best things in this world are the invaluable nature, happiness, satisfaction,relationship, sweet memories,etc, which are intangiable.
Frist of all the reasons, mother nature which is provided to us as a boon by God, is the most valuable gift which is available to us at free of cost.By enjoying the nature we can get rid of the worldly worries.Eg: A person who is under stress or depression is advised by the doctor to go on a holiday to any of the hill station or to a place known for its scenic beauty. So that they can forget all the pesturing thoughts, by enjoying the nature , which brings in peace to their mind and body.
The second reason is that, the imperishable sweet memories obtained by chatting and playing with our dear ones, cost nothing but some time.For example: the days which I spent with my schoolmates is the most memorable moments, on recollecting those moments I feel more energised and fresh. With that positive energy gained ,I feel that I can tackle any kind of problem in front of me.
The next important point is that happiness and self satisfaction cannot be purchased with money, it is feel which is to be realised by heart. The true happiness can be felt when your are with your dear one and not with any other inanimate object. For example: A mother can get many gifts on her birthday, but, for her the most cherishable gift is the kiss from her daughter and the presence of her daughter with her during the function is the most valuable present.
To list on there are many more such wonderful things which are considered to the best ones, doesnt require any money, but a beautiful loving and caring heart.Therefore, I agree with the statement best things in life do not cost any money.

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please go through my essay and give your feedback so that it will be easy for me to correct my mistakes.

Introduction should get the attention of the reader, I am adding/removing few things here:

Aristotle puts it rightly when he says, “Everything we choose, we choose for something else, except the happiness which is an end.” We attach ourselves to the lifeless money and put faith in it instead of in a fellow human being. We falsely believe that best things in the world can only be bought with money. What attracts us is a big house, costliest car and many other luxuries - all inanimate objects. But true happiness lies with the invaluable nature, satisfaction, relationships, sweet memories - though intangible, far closer to us than anything else.

Few spelling and grammatical mistakes are there but well thought I should say.

Thank you Gray, will make sure that I rectify my mistakes.