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Some students apply for admission only to their first choice school, while others apply to several schools. Which plan do you agree with, and why? Be sure to include details and examples to support your opinion.

Although some students feel it is the right way to apply to their first choice schools, I agree with the plan to apply in several schools, as it widens the opportunity of get admission.

How a student behaves, depend on the education he had earned during his schooling. Schools play an important role in shaping a person character, personality, behavior, and it helps one in finding a good job. I feel all schools deliver same education. At the end of the day, it is up to a person how he/she utilizes the best out of it. After my high school, I applied to several pharmacy schools for admission. Looking at the competition nowadays; which is increasing at a very fast pace. Seats are limited but applications are many. I felt that it is not a wise decision to rely on one school; therefore, I applied to many schools.

Applying to a first choice school is quite risky, if you closed out of the admission, whole year gone. According to me, wastage of one year means a lot, your course begins late, you start working and earning late. It will also increase mental stress. Applying to several schools gives you an idea, which is the best to select. It also gives information about whether any additional courses, social and extracurricular activities conducted in schools. Student gets necessary facts regarding the fees structure, study pattern, campus, library, and cafeteria. Since I didn’t made any reservation about a particular school, I was admitted on time for the academic year; moreover, through my research on different schools I joined a school which imparted short term course on alternative medicines besides the syllabus, which was an added point on my resume, to get a good job.

I feel that directing attention to other options available is useful quite often. If one does not get admission in one school he/she will get in some other, but the student will not loose the opportunity to study, besides this, it helps him to acquire data about other schools, which could be a good source if one understands and makes use of it.

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