TOEFL essay sample: Some qualities of a good parent

What are the some qualities of a good parent? Use specific details and examples to your answer.

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If we think about the future of the child, the role of their parent come first in the rows. Because parents are considered as the first teacher of the child. It is through their parent that the children learn not only talking and walking but also about the moral values, and ethic. Therefore, following are some of the most important qualities I feel is required for good parent.

Firstly, the love; Love is one of the most important features in proper development of the children. For example, if we compare the children who grows with loving parent and that of children who grows by themselves without the parent love. The nature of the child without parents is more aggressive, less compassion and lacks caring nature for the society. So, to have good society, the love of parent becomes necessary.

Secondly, the discipline; discipline is another important characters of human beings. Without discipline one cannot become a productive human being. It is therefore the responsible of the parent to correct their children when they are on wrong track. The children should be continuously teach and make them to understand what are good and what are bad. They should be make responsible for their misdeed and try to correct them.

Thirdly, habit; when children are born they are like empty vessel. It is up to their parent what to put in and not. If we teach them about good habit they will adapt to it, which will help them when they grow older. Like parent should make habit of reading books to their children, the caring for other.

Likewise there is other many qualities that are essentials for the goods parent.

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I’ve made some suggestions in CAPITAL letters:

You have made many mistakes on agreement. Remember a singular subject needs a singular verb and a plural subject needs a plural verb.