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Some people believe that university students should be required to attend classes. Others feel that going to classes should be optional for students.

Which point of view do you agree with? Use specific reasons of details to explain your answer.

University students include undergraduate students and post graduate students. It offers a place and a chance for practical applications of theoretical knowledge and implementations of ideas. Its the stepping stone which enhances the students abilities before he/she enters the industry. I personally feel that students abilities can be better tapped when they attend classes.

Classes offer a place where students interact with their professor and other students. Students may not understand all the theory mentioned just by reading course books and materials. A class also increases the level by which a student and a teacher interact. Moreover, it increases the level of understanding of the course. Solutions to problems faced by the student is answered by the professor. It also opens an ocean of challenges by trying to solve fellow students problems. It helps in better understanding of the theory.

In a class, ideas are exchanged, doubts are answered and misconceptions of thoughts and theories may be found out and cleared. For example, I was doing a research project on Neural Networks. I was unable to find an error in a module. The bug kept reproducing. It was annoying. Later that week, I was attending a class of Mathematics where a classmate also had a similar problem and posed the problem to the professor. I tried to implement the solution the professor suggested and the module worked successfully. Sometimes, interactions in a classroom , gives a solution to our problems.

Class room interactions also help students who are shy and do not have the confidence to ask the teachers their questions and clear their doubts. Classes may help the student in better understanding of the subject. It also helps in the student developing better communication skills. It helps the student to gain more than knowledge, self confidence and the courage to go ahead and express their thoughts and ideas. Generally, new ideas are born in a class room.

Thus to conclude, I would prefer the university students attend classes. It makes learning more fun and interactive. It is a best place to put forth thoughts and ideas. The teachers can then be capable to get the best from the students, understand the students and help the students lead themselves to a path of success with confidence.

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