TOEFL essay sample: Self employed vs employed

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Nowadays the world is full of opportunities, so you can do what you want and opportunity varies from person to person, some people want to work for the company while other want to be self-employed. In my opinion, there are many advantages for people who want to work for themselves and have their own business. My arguments for this point are listed as follows.

First of all, if you are self-employed, you do not accord to the your boss’s schedule, you are totally free to decide your time, you can get up to late and go to work whenever you want. You could find the best time for working and do not need to worry about the relationship between you and your boss because you are your own bussiness.

Another reason for my inclination for working for yourself is that you earn what you deserve. Your enthusiasm to work may not so high if you work for someone. However, if you work for yourself, you will work harder to get better result. You always try your best in your work to reach your goal , for this reason, you would be faster to succeed in your life. Specifically, I have known many people who work for themselves succeed ealier than other people at the same age.

In spite of fact that there would be some disadvantages to work for yourself. For example, no matter what kind of business you own, a domestic or an international company or a small store, you have take care many thing such as license, rent, manage your employee, your competitor,etc… However, a life without thrills and advantures seem to be more unattractive, I want to live a adventurous life and find more exciting and interested in working for my own business.

Therefore, for the reasons I mentioned above, I prefer to be a businessman than to work in a company and I will try my best to archive successful in my life.

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