TOEFL essay sample: Many people visit museum when they travel to new places.

Museums are regarded as an integral of many cities, especially the one with rich traditional culture. Most of visitors can’t help visiting museums for the following reasons.

First of all, museums are the places where exhibit and preserve the evidences on history of these cities. Therefore, visiting museum is an easy way to get knowledge of where you’re going to visit. For example, when you visit national museum in big cities such as New York, London or Paris, you can find out many development stages of human beings.

Second, many people visit to enrich their own favorite subjects. Instead of reading boring scientific materials, those who’re intersted in science can come to museums of all kinds to watch spcimen with their own eyes.

Finally, museums are entertainment facilities where you can spend your weekend with your family with only a smaal amount of money. Your children can spend all day long in museum without any complaint.

As you can see the benefit that museums bring us, cities’ authority is now spending a great deal of money in maintaining existing museum and building new museum in addition to the investment in recreational centers

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