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“Many people learn foreign language in their own country; others have learned a foreign language in the country in which it is spoken. Which is better? Give the advantages and disadvantages of each and support your viewpoint”

Language is a mean of communication, to pass your thoughts across the table. With the difference in culture, customs, history and the tradition of the country the language, the channel of communication may be different. Every nation has explicit language that differs from that of others.
So to maintain an affinity and understanding among people in different places across the globe, it is necessary to understand their language in advance. Therefore I agree with the fact that, knowing a foreign a language in your own country is better than studying it in the country where it is spoken.

I believe that the advantage is that you are aware of the vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar which are the fundamentals of any language. You are left with the grasping of colloquial knowledge which I think is a part of conversation. That can be done through practice. But If you are totally new, then it really hard to adjust with the surrounding culture, and you end up bothering people around you with trivial things. You are not much welcomed in groups or friend circles as it’s difficult to pass on thoughts or chat with you and you feel lonely, not cared many times.

If you are familiar with the early basics of a language you have quite a good chance of making friends, maintaining contacts easily. You can also speak confidently, fluently during presentations or group discussions at your work place which may be time consuming if you go through training in that foreign country.

The positive thing of learning the language in their own country may be a gift to you as you pass through systematic, methodical and exact channel of reading, writing and speaking, i.e basics of language including grammar that improves your fluency and your hold on the language, which may not be possible by taking up a class in your own country. So the perseverance to pursue the skill of appreciating a language is important whether that may be in your own country or a foreign country.

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