TOEFL essay sample: Love is the sweetest thing in life...

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Love is the sweetest thing in life , no one can deny that love is the soul of life and happiness. Falling in love is a very wonderful feeling that could change our lives.

There are no words to describe what lovers may feel , it’s actually a mix of many amazing feelings such as : caring, passion, Missing, hoping and even sharing.

For me, I believe that there’s no sun without the love because love is like the sun that shines every day to light up people’s lives and give them wormth and hope to carry on and to live a new day again and again.

Moreover, love is not only a simple word to say but it’s also a word with thousands of real meanings like : Joy, Honestly , Friendship , kindness and so on.

So that to be in love you should really know and feel these meanings that can drives you easily to this unbelieveable word.

A lover is someone you can share with him anything you want , he’s someone that you won’t be embaressed to tell him what do you think or how do you feel , he can give you his support during any situation and during any field of your life .

In conclusion , Love is like a war easy to begin but hard to end.

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Hi Delta,

Now that’s better, young Delta and I hope it’s ALL your own work.


Evereybody must agree that love is really generous. This topic is very interesting! :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, very good essay for my opinion. I think we can say these words also about friendship.
What do you think,love exists only between 2 person? I mean between a boy and a girl? Love can’t exist between members of families, relatives, friends, between teacher and student? Is that can be love? When we say love,almost everyone think about love between 2 person,but as for me such kind of love is always harmful than the others.You think nobody can live without love( between 2 person) now you must think how many people in the world who have no lovers,so is your point of view right? For you, they don’t live,am I right?
Also, you can add the list respect between lovers too,the most important thing and you’ve forgotten it :))

PS. You can also share your problems with your friends,so if you don’t have lover,is it the end of the world?

first hello medeya2012
and then every one has his own point of view
and helllloooooooooo , we are talking about love in here in my opinion and not about friendship
and i know that those things can go for both sides but that is what i think
that is what came to my mind when i wrote this topic so please just go and write your own topic about the common things between love and friendship OK!
but at the end thanks for your reply

Hi Delta, you certainly will agree that a forum is open to anybody who wants to share their opinion. That’s exactly what Medeya2012 has done. Why do you think Medeya2012 should start a new topic? Why don’t you want to allow Medeya2012 to share their opinion with others?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Hi Delta,if I didn’t like your topic,I would never write my thoughts about it,so don’t get angry,I didn’t want to hurt you.If so,then sorry,but I’m not going to take back my words which I’ve written above.
Also, I think it’s great when somebody wants to share his/her opinion about your essay,and writes own point of view.It means that you could involve their attention with your topic.I wanted to add my own thoughts.

P.S I don’t want to quarrel, but you need a little humor I think.

Thanks Torsten, I see you understood me.

the topic is great
but there’s no point of miss understanding each others
so keep being cool with it
thanks any way