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Learning languages helps you in many fields during your life.

People from different cultures learn other languages in order to communicate with each others.

Further more, we should learn other cultures and languages to be able to understand what others believe .
my advice to foreign people is to learn laugauges and specially english language for many reasons:
First, learning english helps those foreign people to talk with native english speakers when they travel to their countries and so that they will be able to communicate with each others.

Then, when someone wants to learn english cultures and believes it’s so important to know how to understand and how to speak english so that you can understand this culture very well.

More over, english language is a very big and wonderful language the is spoken all over the world nowadays .
People from different back grounds speak english and consider it as an important language in many fields such as work and schools.

In conclusion, learning languages helps us to know and to learn others cultures and believes.

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TOEFL listening discussions: A conversation between a student and a registration clerk during registration week

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