TOEFL essay sample: Laughter


Have u ever laughed when u shouldn’t do it? I think everyone has done this. So what is the laughter? Why and when do we laugh? Sometimes I laugh at some whom I despise. But sometimes I force a smile. Everyone says that laughter is medicine, so I know that I’m wrong with meaning of laughter

Laughter is a common ground we can find between the grimace of a merry-Andrew, a play upon words, an equivocal situation in a burlesque, and a scene of high comedy. Laughter makes the spontaneous sounds and movements usual in expressing lively amusement, scorn, derision, etc. With me, I laugh when I feel something is funny. Sometime I laugh when I’m happy. But it doesn’t mean when I’m happy, I always laugh. Beside, I laugh when I reach something which I want or I hope. And I will laugh with my friends if they laugh and feel happy. Moreover, people think that laughter is medicine. It can help patients feel better. If I laugh so much, my face will react and my smile is more beautiful.

Although laughter expresses your feeling, it also shows their attitude or hides it. Someone just shows theirs when they feel believable. Nearby, someone else doesn’t believe anyone is around them. That’s why someone laughs when they’re sad. Maybe they are upset but they don’t want anyone to know about that. People always laugh at other people who don’t understand them.

I’m also a person who likes to laugh. But not all is good laughter. I can laugh at myself. At that time, I’m so sad because I lost important persons. I didn’t know how I could do that. What happened? I asked myself again. And I still laughed. Fine years ago, I was a serious student. I was studying very well. My teachers liked me because I was working hard. But in that day, I met some friends and made friend with them. We played fun together. I thought they were so kind and nice to me. Then, I usually went out and arrived at parties with them. I skipped classes in my school, and my parents didn’t know about that. After that, they heard about something and asked me. I was awkward and didn’t know how to answer their questions. Because that loved me so much, they still cared about me. My mother was crying because of me. I thought I was corrupt. I had lost their confidence. I really wanted to cry, but I laughed. I laughed at myself. I laughed because why I made them upset. I love them so much. So why did I make them sad? Afterwards, I returned to learn, I returned my school, and I went on studying hard. I hoped I could come back to myself.

My life is colorful, so I have had problems and happiness. At one time, I got the success but I didn’t feel happy, because I did a bad thing with my friend. After I had come back to my school, I made everything come back. I was still working hard. In the final test, my class had a study game. Two teams played so very well. But my friends on my team cheated. I didn’t know about that. Then my team won those games. We cheered together and I laughed at other team. Next, I heard from my friends that my team cheated. Although my team won that one, I wasn’t glad about it. I thought again about my laughter at my friends on other team and was ashamed. I knew that the other team could have won that game if my team hadn’t cheated. I felt sorry for my friends on the other team. Now, when I think again, I’m still sorry them. I hope they can forgive to my team and me. I saw that I was so proud of myself and made the errors with other people.

In life, everyone needs laughter to make everything easier and smooth. But the way to laugh is very important. I can laugh at their failures, I can laugh at myself. Actually, laughter is cheap medicine for everyone and the closest distance between two people. So laugh to our best. Finally, we will receive love, health and the best of the world.

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