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The issue of whether it is more important to be able to work with a group of people on a team or to work independently is a complicated topic. Some people enjoy doing things by themselves, while others are willing to work with a team. As far as I am concerned, I prefer working with a group of people for several reasons. And I will detail it in this essay.

The first reason is that working on a team can make me learn more skills and knowledge than working alone. I am that kind of person who learn knowledge and experience faster from others than learn from books by myself. As a team member, I can observe the working of my partners as well as learn the skills and knowledge from them, such as what software they use to collect data, and what method they apply in the project to analyze the situation. Also, because I am a modest person, my colleagues are happy to teach me everything they know about the job. From my experience, learning from others and from personal experience is easier to understand and master the skills and knowledge.

In addition, working on a team often results confidence and high efficiency. In a group, we can imagine, as partners, we work together for the same goal. When facing a difficulty, we will feel more powerful and confident because it is not a single person’s question, but it is a group’s. To reach the goal, every member of the group has to discuss the problem and all of us will figure it out by using everyone’s wits. In this sense, working with a group can help us more confident and more efficient in job.

Though working independently also has some positive sides, such as helping people more independent and understanding further about the task, according to the aspects I mentioned above, working with a group can benefit me more than working alone. For me, I believe that working with a group of people is more important than working independently.

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TOEFL essay sample