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Topic: In your opinion, what is the best way to choose a marriage partner? Use specific reasons and examples why you think this approach is best.

Marriage is an instituition that is regarded and rated very highly in India. It is not only considered as the union of two individuals, but the union of two families.

The oldest and traditional method of selecting the marriage partner is that the alliance is suggested by a person known to both the families and then the elder and senior members of both the families discuss the matter and the prospective bride and groom are introduced to each other. The marriage is fixed with the consent of all the members and it finally consummates with a ceremony. This system is still practiced in majority of marriages in India. However, nowadays several other modes of selecting the partners are also available. Some of these modes are advertisement of alliance through newspapers, internet, live in relationships etc.

I strongly believe that the older version is best amongst all of the above. It is observed that such marriage last longer than the marriage achieved through any of the other modes. The partners are found to be more understanding and compromising in such marriages, which is the secret to the success and logevity of their marriage. It is also observed that in such marriages the partners do not have huge expectation from each other in the early period of the marriage and the initial period that they use for exploring and understanding each other works as the life long glue for them. The society also play an important role in such marriages.

We can take examples of the our parents, grand parents, uncles etc for substantiating the above. During those times the conventional method of selecting the marriage partner was only practiced and we may find that those marriages last life long and they are found to be a more happily married couple than most of the present generations couples.

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