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If you were asked to send one thing representing your country to an international exhibition, what would you choose? Why? Use specific reasons and details to explain your choice.


My country is China which has a long history and many splendied inventions. Among

these, Chinese medicine should be the first one to be displayed on the international exhibition. It has been know for its amazing treatment in

some cases. I will explain why I choose this east meadicine to the international exhibition as


The first reason is that Chinese medicine brings us unbelievable treatments. It has

been the only one methods to cure sick people for thousands of years in China.

It use herbal plants acupuncture and massage to treat diseases,

seemed too simple and outdate in our eyes, but it is still one important way to

provide patients positive treatment, especially for those who is cured with hopelessness by

west medicine. In fact, a good example of this is that Hairuo, a famous female

host of Phoenix Broadcast in Hong Kong, cured by Chinese medicine. After she got

accident in British sevreral years ago, she was sentenced to be dead-brain

by West doctor. But her family wanted to keep her, then they invited Chinese medicine

doctor to check her situation and got hope from these doctors. Now she is

recovering, and she is learning speaking, walking, talking. In this sense, Chiese

medicine is really amazing and unbelievable medicine.

The second reason I want it to be the international exhibit is that I hope it can

get more attraction and more research in future. Nowadays, Chinese medicine is

shrinking in China due to its effects. Compare to West medicine, Chinese medicine

takes a longer time and more complicated processes to deal with diseases. But

in our modern world, people like everything efficient and convenient. Also, I

want it to be known by more doctors and patients. Because it may give them hope,

and it is worth to try. If it disappears someday, I think it is a huge lost for our Chinese people and our world. We

don’t know how many treasures we can uncover in it. It might have killed viruses in future, which

we can’t beat by using west medicine, if it got enough research by advanced


For these reasons I mentioned above, I strongly recommend that Chinese medicine

should be sent to the international display. What could be more important than

curing patient and saving lives in world, and clearly nothing else can be more

significant than this. To be more effective and improved, Chinese medicine should

be kept and researched by advanced science.

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