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what would you change?

Every time I go out and wander around my hometown’s streets, I look for a reason for which I wouldn’t like it if I was a foreigner. But what I see is only beautiful ancient buildings and amazing ways to entertain myself. So I’m thinking: what if I had the unique chance to change something crucial about my town? That would definitely be one thing- I would convince the mayor to do more advertising in order to convert the town into a perfect tourist destination.

I am sure that some people would argue that we have a huge problem with drugs, illegal fights between bands and crime as a whole. However, the police is quite strong and, even though such things do happen once in a while, I have never seen anything illegal being done for the eighteen years that I have been living here. So, what could happen to a tourist for a fortnight if he or she doesn’t provoke it?

The reason why I believe Plovdiv is a great place to spend one’s vacation is its historical heritage. On the one hand, the only things that the old town is constructed of are seventeenth century houses and it is proclaimed to be a UNESCO historical monument. On the other, there are many places left by the Romans, where a person can not only go sightseeing, but also watch movies in the summer in the ancient amphitheatre. This indeed makes me even more confident that my hometown needs nothing more than advertising.

Besides, there are around a hundred cafes on the main street only! Not to mention that we have a great number of discos and 24/7-working clubs. Entertainment has always been a part of everyone’s life here. It is really amazing how we manage to work so hard, enjoy the benefits of our town and party as much as we can the whole time.

In conclusion, I strongly believe that my hometown Plovdiv is the only place I would choose to spend my vacation, because it has amazing historical benefits and the people here know how to live their lives. Therefore, my opinion is that if I could make something different about my hometown, it would be making it the hottest tourist destination the world has ever seen! However, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so I am not the person to decide that.

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