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Talk About Friendship

No one can deny that friendship is the fruit of life.
It’s so important for everyone to have a friend , we all need friends for many uncountable reasons and here’s some of them:
First, it’s amazing to have some one to talk to at any time you want.
Second, you can share with your friend lots of good things like secrets.
Then, you are surely not embarresed at all to tell your friend about any thing because you are sure he will understand you.
For me, I speand time with my friend more than I spend with my family , and whenever I need some one to talk to I know that my friend will always be here for me to listen and to understand too.
For example, I surely know that if I am happy and want some one to laugh with , my friend will be next to me laughing with me even if he don’t understand what am laughing at.
On the other hand, if am unhappy and want some one to complain to I know that my friend’s shoulder is the best quiet shoulder I could ever cry on.
In conclusion, friend ship is the most wonderful thing in life and I guess that t’s a gift from god to all of us because it helps us share good and bad times.

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HI delta,

I want to add something to your essay.
What is friendship and how does it arise? If somebody find person who can understand his/her thoughts,or suppot and agree with the other’s ideas,he/she will guess that person as his friend.We all know that to find a real friend is quite difficult matter indeed.That’s why, as for my observations not all humans have good friends,even friends.What’s the main cause for this problem?There are enough problems to speak about,but one of them is that people can’t find friends, for they look for the ideal good friends.Let me explain,if you have a friend and your characters are almost similar,you will think he/she is my best friend! One day if your friend hurts you,even if it isn’t his/her fault or just misunderstanding, you’ll think you haven’t chosen good friend,in spite of to listen your friends explanation.IS this a right way of solving problem? All look for the ideal friend, but never ask themselves if they are ideal ones?
Also,I have a question to all members who read this,what do you think about real and virtual friends? Which one of them is better,real or virtual? Which of them for your opinion, will last longer than the other one and why?

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thanks alot dear for this great addition
and i agree with each single word that you’ve said
but what i was trying to say that when some one find his/her soul mate
it’s great to talk about it and to be so happy about it even though it’s hard to find.
that’s what i was trying to explain in my topic.
and you’re 100% right
thanks again for your nice words