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Do you agree or disagree that parents are best teachers.

When it comes to decide who is the best teachers, the teachers in school or the parents who guide children in home. It is becoming the hot issue with the shot events appearing in school in the recent years. Many people argue that children should learn knowledge in school, however , I think parents are the best teachers compared to the school teachers. The concrete evidences and detailed reasons are displayed as follows:

First, when children was born, the first one they would see was their father or mother, Therefore, parents will have the direct impact on children. Among the information children can get from parents are language, behavior and world view. Thanks for the instant contact, children could know which deed is right or wrong, how the polite boy behave himself and what method should be used when you come across the difficulties. They learn these through their eyes and ears and then remember in their minds .

Second, we admit that school teachers could teach children various subjects, for example, math or physics, which may be unfamiliar to parents. At this point, school teachers have more advantages than parents. Nevertheless , the basic value of education means to how to make children’s potential realized to the most extend. Who knows children’s strengthes and weaknesses best, the answer apparently is parents. We cannot expect every child to be one famous scientist or president.
Besides them , the society also need artists , doctors and dancers etc. At this point , parents should and could set the stage for children to display their talents and potentials rather than impose children to take the career which seems to bring wealth and fame to family.

Last but not least, parents can teach children anywhere anytime. The bed story maybe lift children’s spirit and stimulate their courage. The random walk in garden can be enriched with questions and answers between parents and children and the misdeed can be found and rectified as soon as possible. However , school teachers just score tests and assign homework .

From the discussion above .we could learn that parents are the best teachers. All parents should take the duty and try to become children’s model at both the deed and the spirit aspects.

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