TOEFL essay sample: Characteristics of the best teacher

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Essay Topic:
What are the characteristics of the best teacher? Use reasons and examples to support your response.

Teacher is the most important person for every body on earth. A person is every lucky if he or she finds a good teacher. Teacher is an important key to success. Teacher is an easy way to find God. In my view a teacher has different characteristics. These are as follows; teachers should be faithful and dedicated to their job. The most important characteristic of a teacher is, a teacher should have patience.

If a teacher is faithful to the job than she never cheat and will be impartial. Students will respect such a teacher. If teacher do partiality in class, students will not respect them. Whatever, the teacher knows, she should tell it in the class. Teachers should not do tuitions for money, but do it for the sake of helping the students.

A teacher should be dedicated for her job. Teacher should always reach college or school in time. Only when the college gets over, they should come back. A dedicated teacher should always take her all classes and reach the class on time. If a teacher is dedicated towards her work, than she will teach with heart.

The most important characteristic of a teacher is patience. Teachers should never lose their patience in class when students ask question repeatedly. Teacher should explain each and every aspect of the topic in the easiest way. Before going into the class a good teacher will always prepare the lecture thoroughly. Then teacher can clear all confusion of the students and feel confident in the class.

During lecture, sometimes students get bored in class and they all want a change. For a change the teacher should create cheerful environment in the class. Meanwhile, the teacher should discuss about something new which is going in our world or some interesting article also for the sake of knowledge. If teachers have all these characteristics then they become ideal teacher for the students. All students will do respect. In my country (INDIA), all students celebrate the teacher’s day on 5th September. That day is the birthday of Dr. Radha Krishnan. He was an ideal teacher. Therefore, still today all students celebrate the birthday of Dr. Radha Krishnan.

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