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Discuss when, if ever. capital punishment can be viewed as a valid punishment for crime

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There are many kinds of crimes In our life. One of measures of government to punish them is applying capital penalties. My essay tries to analyze some things concerning this issue to find out when the capital punishment is valid and in which cases we should avoid it.

First of all, we can see that in most cases, punishment for criminal actions, with capital is one of them, are necessary. People, who involve in crimes should feel the streghth of law, they should follow rules of our society. Thus, they should be aware that they are responsible to everything they are doing. Moreover, affects of crimes in many cases require financial compensation. We need capital punishment in these cases.

There are some examples when capital punishment is valid. In commercial contracts between companies, when one side has illegal actions against the other, it must be punished capitally. When government officials involve in wrongdoings concerning corruptions, they must return the money they’ll got into their houses. When a person sabotages properties of the others, he should pay compensation for these properties.

However, capital punishment if not always the only one method. When pupils in schools concern crime, educator should punish them by appropriate way; they are still children, and must be reeducated. Or when poor people don’t follow some policies of government, it is usually because they must do something to survive. Government should provide better conditions to help them in their lives. These addtional measures will help violence not to be repeated.

In conclusion, capital punishment if one effective method to prevent crimes and a good assurance to have compensations in many cases. But we at the same time must consider about reasons of crimes and think about if there is any addtional better way to resolve problems radically.

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Oh my God !
Today is the first time when I looked carefully for the word “Capital punishment” in my dictionary.
My essay was written in a wrong way, just because of the misunderstanding of the word.
Sorry, friends !