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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

Boys and Girls should attend separate schools

I believe that boys and girls should be educated in same schools to prepare them well for the life after the school. They also learn how to become friends with each other and there will be fair teaching if they learn through the same techniques in same school.

Firstly, it is very important in today’s time that girls and boys should have vast knowledge in every field . Education not only serve student to keep them informed about the acedemic and bookish knowledge but also the purpose of education is to teach them about the world behind the four walls. Co-education will help them in sharing each other’s ideas and information and to increase the knowledge in their database.

Secondly, they learn to become friends with each other which not only help them in their school and routine life but also in their life after school. They learn to communicate with opposite sex which help in increasing their communicational skills which in important in almost every job today. Co-education better prepare student to deal with all kinds of people.

Finally, if girls and boys will be educated in the same classroom with the same teaching techniques, there will be no chance of partiality. If they are being taught in different classrooms , what is the chance that they will get the same education?

They will get the same education in the same class with the same teaching techniques in every respect which will be fair and unbiased.

In a nut-shell, teaching boys and girls in a same classroom with same techniques is not only a unprejudiced way of providing them a good education but also prepare them for their future life and a good way of teaching other important skills too.

Thus, i strongly support that Girls and boys should always be taught in same school.

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