TOEFL essay sample: Are you spontaneous or methodical?


Given the chocie of being spontaneous or methodical many people would choose being spontaneous.However, other would choose methodical. Both of these options have advantages and disadvantages for a number of reasons.

Actually,spontaneous people decide suddenly because they don’t think enough.When something happens, they decide to do everything randomly. Either history or life great leaders always keep courage before whatever they want to say.Authorization requires more hard-working.

Thinking methodicaly has many advantages.If you weren’t fell in courage, you would be make a good decision because spontaneous people always make a decision bad-mood.In spite of the fact that in spontaneous people keep in mind white lies whenever thy need it but methodical people always talk systematically and honestly.

To summarise, as can be seen both being spontaneous or methodical have many pros and cons, but from the evidence shown above being methodical is far more advantageous.For this reason I would prefer being methodical.


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