TOEFL essay sample: Are women Better Drivers Than Men

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When it come to differences between sexes,forget mars and venus,I sometimes feel that we aren’t in the same galaxy.We often hear that MEN are better drivers,but it is usually the other way around.

In a joint survey carried out by the Traffic Control Authorities and the Road Development Authorities ,the fatal crashes which occurred mainly involved men drivers.Scientists suggest that,regardless of age men are more likely to speed,Involve in single-vehicle road crashes and also drink and drive.There have also been medical reasearch,which clearly indicate that ,the presence of "estrogen’, found ionly in women,makes them more careful,patient and quick learners.Research suggests that women are quick learners of traffic rules and they also have better control over the vehicle which they are driving.
Thus in my opinion,Women are definitely better drivers than men, as men, most of the time tend to drive recklessly whereas women practice safe driving

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