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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?
Always telling the truth is the most important consideration in any relationship.

Relationship is very delicate issue.Some people argue whether to be honest in it by always telling the truth or to keep under wraps. I agree that always telling the truth is not necessary for a relationship to survive

Any relationship works on trust, whichever the area may be. Smooth running of any relation depends on the sincerity between the persons engaged in a commitment .For example if we look at the employer employee bond, if a employee leaves a job within few months of joining just for the sake of perks offered by the competitor, this breach will cause loses to company in terms of time consumed in training, money and energy invested

Disclosing all the details is not a good decision to do most of the time. If hiding truth for some good cause I feel it is not wrong, if it can provide solace to other. For example if a child is suffering from some sort of cancer ,parents would feel to cheer their kid in his remaining days left, by concealing the facts.

I feel if two people are in some relation like marriage, its better to screen the past memories then to disclose it and break the bond for ever.For example if a husband had some bad past memories ,and if his present is hale and hearty then why to tell the truth and break the relations,if it’s possible to hide it?

As we can see there are many aspects to this argument where some always feel to be loyal and not to offend the other person. But I feel it’s essential to hide the reality for some good cause.

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