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Advances in transportation and communication like the airplane and the telephone have changed the way that nations interact with each other in a global society. Choose another technological innovation that you think is important. Give reasons for your choice.

Today, technology is advancing at a very rapid speed. Each day, we seem to get more creative and innovative. It gives us a wide platform to make a better tomorrow with good technological skills used today.

One of the major technological innovation that changed the world was the introduction of internet. The internet opened a new world. It changed the way transactions were performed by introducing the e-commerce, it changed education system by supporting distant learning and satellite learning a possibility. It changed the means of communication with the introduction of e-mails. Internet also provided a huge world of entertainment with games and easy-to-download movies.

The electronic mail or simply known as the e-mail changed the traditional 1000 year old system of the snail mail. It helped in enhancing means of communication over 7 oceans. It made communication quicker as an e-mail is delivered within a minute to the intended receiver. It also made communication easier and cheaper.

With the introduction of the internet, also introduced was electronic commerce or e-commerce. E-commerce is a platform where business transactions takes place over the internet. For example, stock trading , buying an airline ticket or paying the telephone bill. Transactions were secure and much easier to perform.

Another major contribution of the internet was the introduction of chat rooms. This can be helpful where ideas can be exchanged within an organization without the need for an employee/head of the organization to travel to the meeting place. Communications can take place through video or audio conferences.

Thus, to conclude, I would like to say that , introduction of new technology changes the traditional approaches. Innovation in technology opens a world of new possibilities. It makes processes easier, simpler to the user and provides solution to various problems. It helps in eradicating barriers among nations. It definitely lives up to say that impossible is nothing!

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