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Q: What are some of the qualities of a good parent? Use specific details and examples to explain your answer.

I have a lucky that my parent have born, raised, and tough me from a child. And even with somebody who doesn’t have an exactly parent, they also have some ideas that how to become a good parent. So, in my opinion, a good parent has to have three below things:
Firstly, good parent raise a child in a good family. And, a good family is a place where can sure enough money to raise a child in best condition it can. This child has to enough food, milk, health care fee, toys, and anything that need for a child. How can a child can normally growth if they don’t have good milk, or even not enough milk to drink? So, economy is an aspect very sensitive and important.
Secondly, education is an important part for future of a child. Therefore a good parent also have to smart enough to teach their child in the early years of childhood. They have to guide their child how to explore the outside, how to learn, how to manage things around, and how to know what is good what is bad.
Thirdly, money and education aren’t enough for a good child. The love always the best over the world. Love enough will build a good manner for development of a child who will become an engineer, a doctor, a minister, a president, but not a prisoner. So, a family where fully of love from parent will let a child becomes a good child, and parents become a good parent.
Thus, a good parent at least has to have three above conditions to become a good parent. There aren’t enough, but at least assure that any child can have a good condition to develop, and maybe in the future, they will become a good parent, maybe.

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Hi, pretty good essay. Your structure was good and your sentences were generally easy to follow, although there were a few awkward ones in there. You have a lot of grammatical mistakes though and your vocabulary is very simple. I would rate this essay a 3 out of 5.

thank you very much Luschen, I’m learning from your corrected essay.