TOEFL essay.Please correct it.Professors should spend more time on research.^^

During past years, teachers are supposed to shoulder the responsibility for teaching. But now in the universities, professors delicate a great deal of time to doing research instead of teaching students, which clearly promote the development of science.

Even though it’s likely the world population will top seven billion in two years, those who have brilliant minds will remain very rare. If professors devoted themselves to education, there would be nobody doing research. In certain fields ordinary people cannot have profound understanding. Even most people are just learning previous finding and repeating. Therefore, professors play a crucial role in research.

In universities, it is an essential ability to study independently rather than to rely on professors. For example, the most impressive course I have taken is the genetics. Just when the bell rang, the professor got into the classroom every Friday. And he left following the next ring. He never answered the students’ questions. Even worse, he did not say anything during the experiment classes. I was so frustrated that I did not know what should I do facing a small active mouse. However, I finally made it after studying the instructors and some discussion with classmates. In order to understand what the professor said and what I was doing in experiments, I prepared lessons before class. In the final exam, I got a satisfying result and had deep comprehension about genetics. The course made me realize the importance of studying independently in the university and in the future life. As a consequence, that professors spend less time in teaching can fulfill students’ potential as well.

To professors, research may be a lifelong process. As far as I know, professors choose their career mostly based on their interest in research. At this point give priority to research is nothing wrong.

In conclusion, it is beneficial to students and professors that they delicate more time to research. If we want to improve teaching in curriculum, the assistant is a perfect complement.

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To me the topic worth a second try. You know what you are doing but you need to be clearer and avoid being messy in your writing. “Keep it simple, keep it interesting!”