TOEFL essay: Physical exercise should be a required part of every school day

TOEFL essay: Physical exercise should be a required part of every school day

Should physical exercises be a required course in school? People’s opinions are divergent on such a controversial issue. Some may contend that physical excises are so crucial to students that it must be compulsory, while others may raise numerous reasons to argue against the requirement. In my point of view, I strongly agree with the statement in the topic as the following reasons.

First and foremost, doing physical exercises is extremely helpful to students’ health. theories have been long established on the vital role of the physical exercises in maintaining physical health and preventing countless lifestyle-related diseases. It is universally acknowledged that non-sports may lead to numerous diseases such as diabetes, heart attack, obesity and so on. Nowadays, obesity is increasingly common even in children. Thus, regular physical exercises may be the best way to prevent this from developing worse. Many children are relatively easily infected by contagious disease such as cold. Many research institute such as American College of Sports and Health believe that doing physical exercises may be a ideal way to make them stronger. Many people may argue that students can do exercises at home which is more convenient and in personalized condition such as time and sort of exercises. This assertion, however, neglect the probability that students are still very busy at home with their homework and tend to spend limited spare time on the more attractive activities such as TV program and computer games. Consequently, doing exercises in school time will more likely guarantee the everyone receive the deserved effect.

Another reason for my propensity is that moderate physical exercises can make students study more effectively and efficiently. According to a study by Harvard University, physical exercises can improve students’ memory and also perceiving ability. In other words, a certain amount of regular physical activity makes students smarter , naturally leads to higher grades. Thereby students will not waste school time on it, rather this period of time will earn them more time in study. In addition, doing physical exercises can also make students temporarily remove their attention and thus can reduce their high stress in study.

Last but not least, learning a kind of sport is very important to one’s quality of life and also career development. School education is much formal than other education, accordingly students will receive sports education of high quality, which may lead to students’ finding interest in a certain sport and better performance in that. It is widely conceivable that excellent performance may serve as a tremendous help to making friends. Imagine the situation that you and stranger are often meet in the same gym playing table tennis, how easy it is for you two to know each other due to the same interest. More friends means more people will help you out when you are in trouble. Thus, sports can help develop our career.

In sum, I agree that physical education should be required in school without reservation, not only because it can improve the health of students but also enhance their academic performance.

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