TOEFL essay: Parents are the best teachers

Don you agree or diasagree with the following statement? Parents are the best teachers. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Learning is important right from the day we are out of our mother’s womb. Learning is ongoing. We all learn so much as we grow up and are more mature. Parents have a vital role in a are a child’s development and indeed are the first learning medium.

I agree to the statement that parents are the best teachers. Our parents are the first ones to teach us good or bad. They are lierally our first and best teachers. We learn to walk holding thier hands, we learn to speak by being more around them than anyone else. Parents for sure teach us the most important lessons of life. Some of these being values and beliefs besides the society’s moral standards and ethics. Furthermore, as a child we are innocent and need direction. Children have immense energy levels that needs channelization. Parents are a great help here. Parents are always focussed about making thier children learn good habbits. It is true to say that looking at a child, one can analyse the family he or she belongs to.

Moreover, the lessons of our parents range from respecting olders, loving all, speaking truth, being honest to being independent, exploring our hidden potential so on and so forth. The list is probably endless.

To elaborate a little on this thought, I would like to share my on example here. I am a mother of a two year old. The firts time we visited a temple, I taught my son to touch the feet of the reverend(the priest in hindu religion) to get blessings. To my utter surprise the next time we were in the temple, my son did exactly what he was taught previously. This was an amazing sight for me and my husband to experience. It really made us very happy. Furthermore, my son picked up some good habbits from my husband. One of these is greeting everybody he meets at home or elsewhere. I beleive that some of the important virtues of life like equlaity, truthfulness, integerity and helping others rea virtues that are truly picked up by parenst. These days I am trying to teach my son the art of giving so that he apprecaites the importance of giving than simply taking.

Additionally, I remember when I was a little girl , my parent’s education on values has been significant in shaping my personality. I can say that I am fortunate to have parents who taught me to be good and do good. Today, I aspire just to be as good as my parents are.

To conlcude, I would say that parents form the building blocks of our life. Thier teachings and education can never ever be compensated by anything. These teachings can never be surpassed by any formal or informal education that we receive later in our lives.

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Hi Dancingqueen

According to my personal opinion, your essay is rather good except for some grammatical errors and incorrect spelling.

However, after reading the contents of the essay, I think its topic should be Parents have the most influence in the formation personality of the children. The reason I say that is because you wrote ‘parents have a vital role in a child’s development or looking at child, one can analyse which kind of families he or she belongs to or I’m a lucky person to have persons who taught me be good and do good things’; it means it includes two sides of an issue, positive and negative.

I think ‘the most influence’ and ‘the best teacher’ are two different concepts. And therefore the topic you gave isn’t logical to your written contents. In my opinion, the first and most important in the essays is the logic of a problem.

It’s just only my personal view. It may be right or wrong but anyway I still want to tell you my opinion about this essay.

I’m looking forward to your respond.


Parents is the first teacheas for us

We take from them the importance thing to move the wheel of life

Thanks Thunu,
You indeed have done a critical appraisal for my essay. I like your comments. Perhaps I need to rework on the essay and elaborate with some comparitive erxamples between parents and teachers.
Thankyou so much for pointing at my mistakes/ areas of improvement.