TOEFL essay: Nowadays, food has become easier to prepare

hello,please give me your comments about my essay. thank you.

The world is spinning around. The way of people life is spinning around, too.Also, needs in food and quality of food has become changed gradually with our way of live. Food is the most important component of our routine life. It actually has improved the way people live.
The main factor for people is time. People always try to spend less time for things such as food. Nowadays technologies help to save time for cooking meals such as breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Couple decades ago, we used to wake up early and go to the kitchen to cook breakfast. Average time for cooking meal was twice or maybe more than nowadays. Because it wasn’t such a lot of different cooking technologies. We could not buy sliced bread or cheese. Years ago, there was no powder or different kind of souses which we can get from the shop. People used to spend time for cooking this simple foundation for food. Today everything is ready for people to spend enjoyable their small time on kitchen and spend more time with family or friends.
Fast food technology also has improved the way people live. For example, you do not have to spend your time on kitchen or maybe you do not have this time. So, it is possible to buy frozen food or some soup powder. And when you have a break you can put it in microwave or pour some water. Here it is lunch is ready. And you have bunch of times to spend with your co-workers.
Food has become easier to prepare not because we want this to do easer because it has gradually changed with the way people live it is also a very good point which help us spend our time how we want and where we want.

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