TOEFL essay: Nowadays, food has become easier to prepare. Has this change...

Nowadays, food has become easier to prepare. Has this change improved the way people live? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Food is what we all need to survive.These days preparing meals become a lot more easier as compare to old times.The reason behind that is we get the food in frozen and in chopped forms and different fast food in the store which we have heat up in oven and its ready to eat. It saves ample amount of time.But it is not that nutritious.An it is not healthy either.But still so many people use them.
Frozen and chopped food saves lot of time while preparing meals.If I want to make some vegetable fried rice,for that I will need chopped vegetables.To cut and wash different vegetables I will require at least thirty minutes,to fry them another thirty minutes and to cook the rice with that half an hour more .So total time I am spending to cook is one and a half hour and it is time consuming. And if I use the the pre-chopped vegetables I will save at least half an hour.
There are different precooked food is available in the stores,which we have to keep in the oven for five to ten minutes and that is more time saving.All different food like breads,pastas,spaghetti’s,sauce,macaroni and cheeses are available. And all you have to do is boil and serve with the souse .They are all easier to prepare and taste good too.
But the question here is whether the food is nutritious and healthy or not?No it is not.They don’t provide us the daily requirements of the vitamins,calcium,iron and other stuff.Even though we are eating the food which contains the vegetables which suppose to provide us the vitamins . The reason behind that is the vegetables are frozen,it can not provide you the nutrients which are present in the freshly chopped vegetables. The breads,fast food they are not good for your heath either,they will cause decay in your teeth.And they contain high level of cholesterol and calories which are more prone cause heart attack and high blood pressure like diseases.
We all know the effects and side effect of the food,and we also know that what we are suppose to do.But we all use them it to save the time. In this century ,there are so many new technology and different things which we all want to learn,and for that we need time.Theses days time is money But we should not forget Heath is wealth.

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